Scotty Cameron 2016 Japan Limited

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Inspired by the variety of custom putter setups he creates for players on the worldwide professional golf tours, Scotty Cameron designed this Japan Limited Release to give amateurs the Tour Only treatment, too.

With only 500 pieces crafted exclusively for Japan, this model pairs Scotty’s “Nuckle Neck” configuration with his newly-released head shape for a putter that provides key visual cues for the player who favors mechanical, grid-like alignment at address, as well as the familiarity of a plumbing neck setup.

Always one to balance aesthetics with technology, Scotty gave the face-sole inlay a Bright Dip Blue finish complemented with translucent blue, black, gray, white and red paint ll accents, a precision milled aluminum shaft band, a mid-size Blue Matador grip and matching headcover.

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