Serena Williams Press Conference US Open 2016 Semifinals (SF)

Interview on day 11 after semi final / Semifinal match on the 8th of September 2016 – 08/09/2016 #USOpen

35 thoughts on “Serena Williams Press Conference US Open 2016 Semifinals (SF)

  1. Jermaine Benson

    The only player who is allowed to male excuses when she loses, because in her career, the only time she got straight up beaten playing her best game was never. Amy loss she took look at Serena's stats. She beats herself. NO ONE beats Serena Williams in Tennis when she's applied. This will only cause her to win 2-3 more next year lol

  2. Terry Tary

    Amazing How Many People Show Up To Her Press Confrence When She Lose Vs When She Win …35 Is The New 25 .. Serena Will Never Give Up , She Never Gives Excuses , She Was Hurt But She Won't Say … Breaking Records Still , Kobe Lost , Lebron Lost , Michael Jordan Lost It Happens , But Just Because She Gets Beat One Time Doesn't Take Anything Away , 2017 Serena Will Come Back Greater , Mentally , Physically And Emotionally.. Its Sad How Some Of The Press And Commentators Talk About Her , Without Serena And Venus (To Me) In Open Era Tennis , There Is No Tennis .. Venus Had Pliskova 5-1 And 3-1 … AT 36 YEARS OLD , Serena Could Have Smashed Her , But Hats Off To Pliskova, Every Goat Falls But Serena Will ALWAYS BOUNCE BACK

  3. Jeanne Manns

    Serena is always #1 despite her loss.tonight. The young lady that beat her tonight was more than lucky. she was at the very top of her game. She beat five of the top players that beat Serena in the past year. Something was bothering Serena. She did not have that sparkle she normally has.It could have been physical, mental or both.Sitting in that #1 position is not easy! Once you get to that mountain top where else is there to go but down and then back up if you have the talent an strength to do so.!

  4. Dan Mac

    She made 4 UNFORCED errors and 2 double faults in the tie breaker which basically gave Pliskova 6 easy points and she only needed 7 points total to win the tie breaker. I predicted that she would lose this match after seeing her struggle against Halep 24 hours earlier.

  5. Dan Mac

    Serena will be back – no doubt. #23 will be won next year and she will avenge this loss vs Pliskova because she always does. Sharapova beat Serena the first time they played 11 years ago and Sharapova never won another match against Serena and it has been over 11 years now.

  6. Lucia Denis

    serena go and get a nice vacation in sweet jamaica you have the money for a dream vacation and come back for the last master win it and regain your number 1 spot before year end

  7. Terry Tary

    This Is My Problem For People Who Says Serena Attitude Is Horrible .. We Are Going To Compare Venus & Serena .. Venus Game Is Calm .. Cool And Collect , Venus Rarely Shows Emotion … You Can't Tell If Venus Won Or Lost And If She Show Emotions Sometimes Them You Know She Won , She Nevee Yells , She Barely Talks .. Thats One Athlete.. On the Other Hand Serena , She Yells , She Screams … She Shows Emotion… Slams Her Raq. She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve .. When She Loses You Can Tell … Thats Just Not Only Serena It Happens In Every Sport .. You Can't Compare Her Sports Personality To Her Regular Personal Because When Athletes Step On The Court/Field Etc .. They're In Totally Different Mood Off The Court .. ITS SPORTS IT HAPPENS .. Every Athlete Is Not Going To Be A Venus And Every Athlete Is Not A Serena .. But Off The Court Even If You Follow Serena On Snapchat .. Her Personality Is The BEST , Thats Like Us .. Living In A World Where Everybody Wears The Same Clothes , Same Shoes , Talk The Same …. Its Impossible , Sports Wouldn't Be Sports

  8. sheila moe

    The reporters was pretty negative as well as commentators that called match. Don't get it twisted people, Serena will always be #1. When she win we all on social media lifting her up but when she loose we forget who side we on. GO SERENA!!

  9. lacheyrulez

    serena and venus are the only players on tour who actually give credit to their opponents and shake their hands at the end of the match like every other girl is so so rude

  10. Christine Ofor

    I find it rather strange how people hate her but constantly watch her post game interviews when she loses. If she annoys you don't watch. These haters have a sick obession.

  11. Zashorigin

    NO MATTER WHAT!!!… she's the number one player. The only player today still playing while been a legend. I stopped watching cause I new it wasn't her day and didn't want to get upset. On the other hand, I DON'T UNDERSTAND how the other player were so closed in terms of points when she was so far ahead a few months ago. From been thousands of points ahead to went they rearranged them, a two to three hundred. She was in every final, won Wimbledon, and she went as far as to semifinals in US Open. So, HOW THE HELL could Angie come up to two hundred something points behind?Anyway, good luck Serena. Get well, girl!

  12. Zashorigin

    Could anyone explain to me the stupid system they do when they rearrange the points?… cause I can't understand how is it possible to be thousands of points ahead and after rearranging the points, Serena was only two hundred and something points ahead of Angie. How do they do it?… What's the procedure?… she was in every final this year, won Wimbledon and got to the semisat us open… it is so fucking unfair!

  13. afiq aziz

    There was a time when the Williams sisters were not so professional of court. To be fare it was also Hingis, Davenport, Capriati and so on. In my opinion they were just young kids who dont know how to react against the manipulative journalists. And as I could recall, that was the time when the journalism world, started to be really2 nasty towards celebrity and their PR does not know how to advice them on answering questions. These days you would see younger generation players are more polite and diplomatic. I think because the new generation of PR are prepared to advice them on what they should said on TV.

  14. Mulungu Watu

    This is just a small bleep and does not take away what Serena has achieved over the years in tennis. These journalists have jobs because of great athletes like Serena. For me, she still remains number 1 and greatest player of all times. No tennis player will ever achieve what Serena and Venus have achieved. They revolutionised Tennis and it`s because of them that I for one watch tennis. They bring everything to the court. Without Serena and Venus, tennis would be boring to say the least. Well done Serena for being the greatest tennis player and for inspiring so many people. You`ll ever be a champion.

  15. RaNtingishealthy

    Serena looks so fresh and pretty

    No matter how much we NON black people deny it, very clearly we hate on serena with the main aspect being that she is black and NOT considered beautiful in our conventional headed minds !

    This achievers being underrated to abysmal levels.. WONDERFUL PLAYER . GREATEST OF ALL TIMES !

  16. Princess Stevens

    I have never ever come across such jealous, racist, piece of shit people in all my life towards two athletes, Serena and Venus Williams. On every story about these two fabulous players, there's always stupid, pathetic, asshole people saying stupid shit. For FYI, idiots, Serena is almost or is worth $100 million dollars. Can you pond scum, sucking maggots, as my friend +Cumulo Nimbus would say, anywhere, remotely near that amount of money? No? That's what, I thought. Have you, morons, come from out of nowhere and win, 23 GRAND SLAM VICTORIES? No? Then STFU about these women. You jealous, cocksuckers!

  17. Terry Tary

    You Couldn't Have Watched Serena In Anything Outside Of Sports, Because Outside Of The Tennis And Sports World Serena Is A Completely Different Person , I Don't Understand Why Some People Act Like Serena Is the Only Athlete That Gets Mad , Its Called Emotions, Some People Show It Some Don't But Everybody Has Them , And If You Take Emotions And Personality Out Of Sports Then It Won't Be Sports

  18. Magdalene Christmas-Baptiste

    Serena love you lots you a the best those folks just cannot accept the fact that a black woman is the greatest tennis player in the world they are jealous of your achievement to them it should not be a black girl go girl go you a the best


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