Serena Williams vs Karolina Pliskova Highlights ᴴᴰ US OPEN 2016
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41 thoughts on “Serena Williams vs Karolina Pliskova Highlights ᴴᴰ US OPEN 2016

  1. Awka Liwen

    WTA logic:

    "Serena's Grand Slam wins count as much as Roger's. Women and men's tennis deserve the same respect."
    "Serena was tired after playing three sets against Halep." (only 27 games in just two hours)

    May I laugh?

  2. Fred M.

    When things go wrong, Serena makes a big drama , gestures of frustration, anger , unnecessary show, and starts screaming her famous "come on" with great momentum. She deserves to lose by arrogant and dramma queen.

  3. VidsJust


  4. panjikhairumizanify

    one of reasons many ppl dont like Serena..she likes to shout exagerated come on while looking at opponent's face. not to mention other big shouts like-a-man come on..

    example of how clean, easy, and hard Pliskova Davenport

  5. Henry Tun

    Serena's knee injury was a big excuse and intimidating technique for the future matches to come. She wasn't sure the first set how to play Pliskova since Pliskova is tall and produced big serves , but Serena moved well on the second set when needed. If you could handle her serves and let her move around, she is old and she could not handle at all . Even though she did not admit in post interview about her exhausted , but clearly seen.. Girls don't be afraid of her,  Pliskova broke and showed Serena's weakness to the world,, and work from those and go and aim for your own trophy.. don't think about every trophy goes to her name. You all have chances  and we would love to see edges of talents from every girl.

  6. Anne Marie

    It is sad to see that Karolina was not perfect in that match, but Serena was, as usual, fighting aigainst her mental problems.

  7. L. B.

    It takes much more to be the greatest of all time than the amount of grand slams you won. I really respect Serena's achievements but on that ranking she will probably forever be number 2. Even if she gets that number 23 or 24 or whatever because I'm sure she will win a few more she won't really pass Steffi Graf. Steffi retired at 29 so it's a big difference if you win 22 slams in a 12 year long career or like 25 in a 19 year long career. Plus Steffi didn't need to scream at her opponents to intimidate them when she was down

  8. dew berries

    and finally, pliskova know how to play with her. it's a bizarre to have straight sets win with serena. her mental is good.. love to see her cannon shot. congrats

  9. Lester Kok

    The days of ersatz women tennis are thankfully numbered. That he-woman who has transmogrified the grand-slam events for the worse for too long will soon be put out to pasture; soon audience will not have to put up with her ever unappetizing getup or her stultifying verbal assault on umpire and linesman, nor with that hideous-sounding, raucous court-side grants of hers. She would not be missed a day when her eventual eclipse arrives. May women tennis as it should be — grace, beauty and charm — revert to form.

  10. Anggi Raymond Pardede

    If people could spend their time only to debating or pitting one of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic as the GOAT, why can't Serena? Just wondering. Whenever she wins or loses, she can't have anything from people but baseless slurs and offensive comments. Does it have anything to do with her skin color? or her muscular body type?

  11. Jojo43814

    I seriously really like Serena as a person, her way to play etc. But her screaming is just annoying. And shouting "Come on" in her opponents face like she just hit the winner of the century is actually a bit disrespectful. Not only does it affect the other's concentration, it also seems like she wants to demonstrate that the will always be better than her opponent, no matter what might happen in the match. And that's simply not true. No one can claim that, not even such a fabulous player.

  12. RaNtingishealthy

    Proves that when serenas MONSTER service is NOT ON, despite more talent than most, a lot of players can beat her ! Her serve is an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY when on !

    Her power however, is no longer intimidating to the younger lot, her service is !

  13. Verdammt Noch Mal

    Pliskova perfectly demonstrated that you don't have to shout like hell to unleash powerful strokes… and win. :)

  14. Mister Anthropy

    After she lost this match, Serena implied that she lost because of an injury.
    She's a great champion, but that is bullshit, it is petty. Not even Serena is good enough to put up such a fight while injured.
    She just didn't play well enough that evening, and she should own up to that.

  15. Andrew Hosea

    You guys are so hateful damn! every Serena video same racist ass comments. I seriously wish you racists would all die in your sleep, the world would be a better place


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