Sinking Your Shot From The Fairway

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The euphoria of sinking a shot from the fairway is difficult to describe. The anticipation as the ball flies towards the target with a chance of going in the hole is awesome. Interestingly, before contact, I think every one of my shots is going in the hole, however it rarely happens. I hit the flag at least 3 or 4 times a year, but I rarely hit my ball in the hole outside of 20 yards. But apparently, others have had greater success.

I find it interesting that the category that had the greatest response was over 151 yards. That is amazing. One of the respondents said he has two albatross and another jarred it from 212 yards. And finally, one person said they have a hole in one on a par 4. All these are fantastic shots and I only wish I had made one of them.

As for my exploits, I fit in 0 to 50 yards category. My longest hole out ever was from 44 yards. It was birdie and really nothing spectacular. I want to add something like it was out of tough lie, but it was from the fairway. I did chip in from within 10 yards at least 6 times this year. As exciting as the shots were, it does not really fit in the categories of distance.

In 2017, I hit the flag from 154 yards and my ball ended up in the trap. Finally, I hit the flag from about 175 yards and my ball stopped about 20 feet from the pin. In case you are wondering, I missed the putt and walked away with a par. Needless to say, being close is okay, but the disappointment of only hitting the pin is a downer.

Here is what the PGA considers their best hole outs in 2017:

Holing out from the fairway is a great way to lower my score, I just wish I was able to do it more often. It is really a thrill.

If you are wondering when holing out from the fairway starts, take a look at Issac Riches from Australia:

Have you ever hole out from the fairway?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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