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First of all, if you have never been to the island of Kauai, you simply MUST go.

There’s a reason this Hawaiian island is called the ‘Garden Island’ – the lush, green landscape with majestic waterfalls around every turn takes your breath away. It’s utterly amazing.

Save up your money. Buy those plane tickets. Find a great place to stay on the island. Get yourself there. You will not be disappointed – I guarantee it.

There is a lot to see and do on Kauai – everything from a visit to Wailua Falls (which is featured in the opening credits of the old 70s and 80s TV show Fantasy Island), to a stop at Poipu Beach (where you’re greeted by giant sea turtles) to tasting the best BBQ on the island at Chicken in a Barrel. For a full roundup of things to do on Kauai, head to GoHawaii.com.

Kauai is also home to 9 stunning golf courses, including the one I’m featuring today.

Princeville Makai Golf Club is one of the premier courses on Kauai and it’s not cheap – golfing 18 holes will set you back a couple of hundred bucks. It’s a lot when you’ve already spent money to fly to Kauai and get yourself set up with accommodations. But if you love to golf and can fit it into your travel fund, it’s definitely worth it.

The mountain and ocean views are amazing, especially from the signature 7th hole where weddings are held, tourists ride out on golf carts at day’s end to watch a Kauai sunset and golfers pause their game for the photo op. Fair warning – once you reach the 7th hole, you might not want to move on to the 8th. It really is that magnificent – I wish I had brought a professional camera with us. This cell phone pic doesn’t do it justice, but gives you an idea.


Even as the course winds away from the ocean, the views remain stunning. It’s just so green wherever you look – from the greens, to the trees, to the mountains.


Again, it’s expensive to golf at Princeville Makai Club, but can be done if you budget right. We saved money on the island by eating cheap for most of our meals (they do have McDonald’s and other fast food joints), which afforded us this splurge. And disclaimer – I don’t golf… my husband does. We paid for his round of golf only, plus an extra $35 for me to ride in the cart. We also purchased a Makai bag tag from the gift shop as a souvenir.

It was money well spent – my husband was treated to one of the best golf days of his life on one of the most gorgeous courses on the island. And I had a blast driving the golf cart, taking pictures and soaking in the jaw-dropping surroundings. It was a magnificent day on Kauai – highly recommended.

A special ‘Mahalo’ to the staff at Princeville Makai Golf Club for helping us out when my husband accidentally left his brand new personalized golf tag in the rental car and realized it as we were on the plane heading back home to California. Upon return we called them and they were kind enough to make him a new one and ship it to us. Awesome customer service!


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