Squash: Gawad v Lee – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 2 Highlights

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14 thoughts on “Squash: Gawad v Lee – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 2 Highlights

  1. Michael MacKenzie

    yeah that was ridiculous they need to replace the refs or something cause there were some pretty bs calls in hat game

  2. Thomas Curtis

    I'm glad Gawad won but sorry Max Lee that was a let.. The Ref stitched you up. They are some refers that are just addicted to saying No Let.. I think they do it to make the matches shorter

  3. AK

    Refs need to quit or substituted for a while, end of story here, I attended so many tournaments live and it is horrible, I used to be a squash player and I am telling you, they make very stupid mistakes, a kid who plays under 15 will not make them. Change their location, put them around the court itself or make a stand for them above the court slightly backwards but closer than this. We need a very sensitive sensor to be attached to the tin. As for lets and strokes we need to take into consideration the speed of the ball while it is returning and set a standard speed for every scenario this needs a restructure and lots of studying, the amount of time the player waits to play the ball (fragments of seconds) and his direction in case he is looking for the player not the ball, and the distance between the racket and the other player. IMO this is very complex to be achieved and it needs measurements to be done every single point on a screen even with millimeters difference and it needs to be done fast so call your software experts lol , this can change the accuracy of decisions immensely.

    Also Refs all the time get distracted when they are in the middle of the audience like this, in AL AHRAM open you can see a guy sitting on the stairs next to John. The whole match, all the refs stood up on their feet and the distance is so far from the court, why not make them feel comfortable and why you do not have enough people who can do this job? It is like in every tournament you see the same faces all over again, eventually they get bored and they will not take it seriously as it becomes something so common and lacks competition or rewards for them.

    This is why Squash is not in the Olympics, the problem is not in the players and not the Refs as well, the system itself is not nice.

    The VIP section as well needs not to be exclusive to anyone who is connected to the PSA only, in any sport you have VIP tickets available for everyone, the area around the squash court is filled with like a club setup to the sponsors and the players' families only. That is definitely their right and they all work so hard to bring out the amazing venue and it is appreciated, I am not denying that but I am saying it is too exclusive, again in every sport you can buy VIP tickets which offer something exclusive to the common sports fan.

  4. chironares

    I recently predicted that Max Lee will make top 8 this year, maybe top 5. This makes me even more sure of it. He just needs to get some mental stuff down (ask for reviews in tie breaks, etc) and he'll be challenging top guys. I think Gawad is already a top 5 player, even if the rankings haven't quite caught up with it.

  5. Peter Eedy

    Regarding the "no let" decision — Max Lee hit a short and loose ball, then ran up behind Gawad. Gawad then hit his next shot wide from himself and cleared in a normal fashion.
    I think most referees would say that Lee "created his own interference" (by positioning himself poorly)

  6. Retard Kid

    Someone needs to get in touch with the referees and tell them to watch all these replay matches, its so obvious that gawad step on max's foot and no let was given. I dont mean to be rude but these refs are really old. Most of them, are above 50's. They really need to recruit much younger ones to ref these matches.

    p.s: I would appreciate if someone could really tell that damm ref to watch this replay so that he could understand how shit is his judgement!

  7. Tony Tan

    If the ref didn't see Gawad step on lee's foot, it would have been nice of gawad to admit it to the ref. It wasn't even a light trip, it was a literal stomp on lee's foot. Yes, partly Max's responsibility to call for the review as well, so all 3 of them had a part to play in that stupid no-let. Hope that doesn't go into the olympics show case video.


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