Squash: Mo. ElShorbagy v Salazar – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 1 Highlights

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27 thoughts on “Squash: Mo. ElShorbagy v Salazar – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 1 Highlights

  1. chironares

    I don't like El Shorbagy, but I agree with the let call at the end. I'd like to see a full match of this one though, to understand people who say that overall refereeing was biased against Salazar.

  2. Jeffrey Duncan

    It's a very very hard call. El Shorbagy's line is parallel to the service line, right into the back of Salazar. He wants front court position so bad that retreating behind Salazar is too tiring and too much of a risk so he forces a ref's call. Its a hard one because Salazar's backhand drive wasn't tight. I'm more happy with a No-Let decision, but I can understand the Yes-Let call and can't fault the ref based on the loose drive. Im sad for Salazar. He deserved the scalp. I really dislike El Shorbagy.

  3. Rami Moorea

    Man, the embarrassed look on Shabana's face at the end to Baggy's mom: ""We got so-o lucky there. Should've been a no let…"

  4. MrTimbo403

    Robbery, absolutely. Apparently they had to keep the number one seed in the tourney. He went the wrong way and had no sniff.

  5. Jose Luis Cerano Fuentes

    A very bad judging, seems more in favor to El Shorbagy, canceling my subscription for this lack of ethics from the referee

  6. Robert S.

    After going the wrong way, Shorbagy makes a step to go behind Salazar and then pushes him toward the side was as the ball bounces past them. Clearly playing the man and not the ball. Lee Drew needs to review this one with both refs.

  7. Canis Majoris

    This is an example of ' lets protect the seeds' fear to give strokes against them… Salazar was robbed and Shorbagy s attitude is not good…after the game he talked about him only until the interviewer asked about his opponent… it was a flip of a coin and he is too arrogant to admit it

  8. Ali Aboutaleb

    I don't understand why people are shaming el shorbagy. All squash players look for a chance to get a let or a stroke. it's totally normal. Just blame the fricking referees

  9. Jorge Martinez

    what a steal… what a way to take away the biggest upset of the tournament and win of someone's career.

  10. Thomas Jordaan

    Definitely no let at the end there for El Shorbagy. Have a look at his racket arm and his other arm – he only had one intention and that was to play the man as he knew hewould not have gotten to the ball.

  11. B1J0D

    Tough call, but I think yes let as well. Although Elshorbagy choose the wrong path initially, by the time he corrected himself the ball had not gone past him and it was knee height/loose. More then enough to play the ball… Although I would have liked to see Elshorbagy lose. His last few wins have all ended with bad calls.

  12. Visores Colector

    if the ball had served by Salazar instead of ElShorbagy (number1), referee had call "yes let"… no matter how many video reviews had asked to the referee. karma business.

  13. claudia webb

    Typical ElShorbagy cheating with a 'pretend let'. And the referees have been so bad in general in this tournament.

  14. Ariel Pineda

    Salazar, Fantastico!!!
    Muy inteligente. Controló el juego de ElShorbagy todo el match.
    Si no me equivoco, mi compatriota y antiguamente No. 4, Rodríguez: nunca a podido siquiera ganarle un game a ElShorbagy. Lo que muestra la relevancia de lo qe acaba de hacer Salazar.
    Felicitaciones México!!!


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