Squash: Mosaad v Willstrop – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 1 Highlights

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15 thoughts on “Squash: Mosaad v Willstrop – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 1 Highlights

  1. Kwistenbiebel200

    I love Willstrop's technical perfection….but I hate hate hate his body positioning into the line of the opponent.It seems to be structurally imbedded in his game, blocking out his opponent and consistently playing that particular shot that can bring him in this dubious position. It must be total frustration to play him because of that. I can see Mossaad's inner teeth grinding on it. Referees should address this and penalty Willstrop for not allowing clear access. Ps: I watched the full game. End rant.

  2. tarrierboy

    Why are the majority of the PSA courts now blue? Bring back the multicoloured ones with a different colour front wall. Squash will also never make the Olympics until you can turn the crowd into a boxing or darts atmosphere. Everything so straight laced makes the best sport ever extremely boring to watch. Bring out some girls in bikinis holding signs and stuff. Right now Zzzzzz especially with Ramy out. PSA start thinking out the box more.


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