Squash: Rodriguez v Adnan – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 1 Highlights

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16 thoughts on “Squash: Rodriguez v Adnan – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 1 Highlights

  1. Andres Fernandez Cabrera

    Rodriguez hasn't won any match this season yet!!, if he doesn't change things quickly he is not only go to lose his top ten position, he will lost his top 20 position!!

  2. Khanistan101

    one of my favourites is now adnan, an inspiration for all sportsmen and women no matter what their specialty

  3. chironares

    Wow! Amazing sportsmanship. I'd like to think I'd do the same as an amateur, but I really can't say I would have done the same if playing squash was my livelihood.

  4. claudia webb

    I don't think Adnan deserves an award for his sportsmanship. He did well, yes, but he did hold Rodriguez shoulder for a moment there, so if he hadn't played the let, we would be calling him a cheat, wouldn't we?


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