Squash: Willstrop v Abouelghar – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 2 Highlights

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29 thoughts on “Squash: Willstrop v Abouelghar – U.S. Open 2016 – Rd 2 Highlights

  1. Michael MacKenzie

    I have been following competitive squash for about 5 months now by watching these videos. But I would really like to watch full games and I don't have cable. Is there anywhere online that I can watch the full games? Thanks!

  2. Andres Fernandez Cabrera

    Incredible match!!, one of the best of the season!!, great mixed of styles and both playing great!!

  3. triancirc

    As the commentators said the lower angle really shows things you don't appreciate when seen from the top view angle

  4. Alastair Ross

    Solid last 4 points from Willstrop – when he gets into that attacking approach rather than conservative approach he is just so difficult to stop. Really hope he returns to that mixed style where he isn't as afraid to take those chances.

  5. Jim Fonzie

    This young egyptian is the future … what a great school.
    Excellent match from Willstrop back in shape. Beautiful to see playing.

  6. Piotr Kiszka

    I am so impressed with James superb comeback! I love his game, and that match is absolutely amazing! Also love the low angle view.

  7. Strawberry James

    What a lovely match to watch, Wilstrop's infamous drops and Abouelghar's (probably spelt that wrong) immense kills made for a quality match

  8. lightespeed

    Best match I've seen for a long time, thought James's time was over, so glad to see him better than ever, the whole match hinged on the superb accuracy of both players.


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