Srixon U45 Utility Iron V New Srixon U65 Utility Iron – Is There An Improvement?

Comparing Srixon’s U45 Utility Driving Iron against their latest version, the U65. Both are #3 with Miyazaki graphite shafts in Stiff. See what I think between the two clubs backed up with GC2 launch monitor data. Is there an improvement??

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8 thoughts on “Srixon U45 Utility Iron V New Srixon U65 Utility Iron – Is There An Improvement?

  1. Paul Henderson

    Hi thanks for getting back to me about the combo irons. Just wondering have you hit the 3 iron in the 565 as I was going to have the UT iron but I ordered my set with a 3 iron instead i was thinking a 3 iron maybe a bit better on the fairway??

  2. Scott Beresford

    Hi Micheal great vid and keep up the good work. Do you sell the Srixon U45 (3 Iron)in a stiff shaft as nobody does where I live.Thanks Scott

  3. john uren

    Hi Mike, just received my 765s after a srixon fitting day at my club. They are 2 degs flat , when compared with my old set which should have been the same as I was fitted for them also ( by someone in a DIRECT golf store) my old set came out as being virtually standard!
    I kept my 52deg cleaveland 588 rtx, should I get this changed to 2 degs flat as well ?

  4. Paul Henderson

    Thanks mike I think I will try to cancel the 3iron and go with a UT instead thanks for you time ps great video

  5. bdog badger

    Michael, Great videos. Also your swing looks so smooth, i sometimes just watch the same videos to watch the swing. Looks like a great tempo which is something i struggle with.

  6. ESikora12

    Thoughts on these vs the 545/565 irons at the top of the set? I gamed 545 at 3-4 last year, then 745 5-7 and 945 8-P. Curious if the U clubs would offer anything different or maybe be tougher to play than 545 in long irons?


  7. Usee

    Why did you use different factors for efficiency for those golf clubs, during this test?

    Only ball speed was measured, and clubhead speed was calculated using different fixed values…
    …this can lead to the false assumption, that one golf club is considerably more efficient, than the other,
    which is not the case, if we look at ball speed and the other numbers.

    I think one should either point at, that the club head speed was calculated with a fixed factor,
    or at least use the same fixed factor for both golf clubs, to avoid misleading interpretations… ;-)

  8. Geordie Sancaster

    Hi, I've just changed my whole bag to srixon, I've got the irons in combo 5,7,&9 only 8,9,& wedge in the 9s. I'm getting fitted for the driver& 3 wood later today, I've played golf to a decent standard for over 40 years, I'm currently playing on a difficult championship club in Northumberland and my handicap has gone up slightly over the last 3 years due to fantastic greens running very fast all of the year with many slopes that even the pros struggle with. I've seen many changes in clubs as you can imagine but these clubs from srixon look and perform so well, the driver and 3 wood have the traditional look with technology built in but don't look overly too flashy which is perfect in my eye looking down at the driver head.

    I've just subscribed too your channel and find you have the right blend of information and club analysis compared too many pros who go over the top on talking about themselves rather than the club they are testing.

    Anyway thumbs up from me your doing a excellent job on helping all standard of golfers, when you get time could you do a video on compression of golf balls too there swing speeds not driver but irons, I've used titliest most of my life but having been tested on a club fit I was asked to hit the srixon tour ball with swing speed of 80 mph and what a difference not only 12 yards further due too me being unable to compress the pro v1 as I thought I could do.
    Choosing the right ball makes a massive difference more so than even the right clubs shafts etc.

    I've rambled on too much but you get my drift, keep up the good work your videos are really enjoyable.


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