Srixon Z Series Irons Review

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Srixon have announced the launch of their new range of Z Series Irons for 2017. Owen Davies puts them to the test and compares the three different models:

– Srixon Z565
– Srixon Z765
– Srixon Z975

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5 thoughts on “Srixon Z Series Irons Review

  1. Tim MacIvor

    As well as the tech differences I think there's a few degrees difference in lofts which will change the distance between the 565 and 965 models

  2. Stephen O'Sullivan

    You mentioned that with the greater cavity backed clubs you'd get greater consistency in distance from one shot to another. I've got TM R11's, and I find that when I center strike them, they absolutely fly. Typical distance for my 8-iron is 165, but occasionally I'll get one out there 180. The 165's aren't exactly mishits, and maybe the longer ones have more to do with a bit of adrenalyn, don't know. But I wonder if something with less of a springy face would actually decrease the distance discrepancy for me.


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