Srixon Z Series Irons Review

Srixon have announced the launch of their new range of Z Series Irons for 2017. Owen Davies puts them to the test and compares the three different models:

– Srixon Z565
– Srixon Z765
– Srixon Z975

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  • As well as the tech differences I think there's a few degrees difference in lofts which will change the distance between the 565 and 965 models

  • You mentioned that with the greater cavity backed clubs you'd get greater consistency in distance from one shot to another. I've got TM R11's, and I find that when I center strike them, they absolutely fly. Typical distance for my 8-iron is 165, but occasionally I'll get one out there 180. The 165's aren't exactly mishits, and maybe the longer ones have more to do with a bit of adrenalyn, don't know. But I wonder if something with less of a springy face would actually decrease the distance discrepancy for me.