Srixon Z765 Iron Review With Launch Monitor Data

      13 Comments on Srixon Z765 Iron Review With Launch Monitor Data

Review of the brand new Srixon Z765 iron with my personal thoughts on look, feel and performance backed up with GC2 & HMT Launch Monitor data. Must watch!

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13 thoughts on “Srixon Z765 Iron Review With Launch Monitor Data

  1. metamurph

    I look forward to these but local store said they may not pick them up because they haven't been able to sell the current models — so different from what you say with massive popularity and sell out…maybe in some locations — great gear though

  2. Rich M

    So, how were the numbers in comparison to the 745? Are you seeing enough of a difference to justify putting these in the bag?

  3. David Simmons

    Quality review as always. I have the Z545 irons which are pure class. Not sure id swap just yet but Srixon making some great products & have an impressive stable of Tour Pros winning which always helps. 

  4. Paul Oliver

    Just changed to these from the Z945 blade. Went for the Shimada Tour shaft option.So much more forgiveness than the Z945.Great clubs with real soft buttery feel, a must for low handicap players.

  5. Mike B

    Have just started watching your reviews, and appreciate the information you provide for us 'weekend warrior' golfers. One small critique if I might. I don't know if you realize it, but you give us the overview of the club, spin it around for the camera, give us whatever tech specs are pertinent, and the say something like "Let's give it a hit."
    You then set up to the ball, sole the club, and THEN you suddenly come out of your stance, and proceed to give us another 30,45,60 seconds of discussion on the club characteristics!
    My point I guess is get all the talking out of the way first, and then hit the ball! I'll assume it's just me that finds this annoying, but maybe someone else has mentioned it in other posts.
    I think these Srixon products (the 65's) are really going to move a ton of product for Srixon based on the totality of the reviews I have seen so far. The woods seem very long, and the irons very consistent.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. You Wish

    Great video! I currently have Nike Vapor Pro Combos but they're a little beat up so I'm looking for something new. Would the 765's be comparable? Also, do you think the 765's are more forgiving than the Mizuno MP5's? Thanks

  7. Station 2Station

    I love the 765 so much i bought a second set. They are the softest feeling iron I've played in a while. Its a different sensation than Mizuno. I call it a "wetter" feeling where mizuno is soft in a warm dough way. Hard to verbalize softness but as a long time Mizuno player I definitely prefer the Srixon feel. For those of you wondering about forgiveness, its as forgiving as a PING i25/e1 series club but you get true forged quality.

  8. Lamarcus Brown

    I just recently got the older z945 blade irons and they feel amazing best irons I ever hit. They are actually not hard to hit for blades they will be in the bag as long as the hold up

  9. gary smith6

    Well Just a quick one for those who have considered Srixon and getting fitted.
    I travelled two hours today to get fit by Micheal and the experience was nothing other than FANTASTIC.
    He`s passionate about what he does, not only did he help me find the correct setup which actually felt the best and delivered the best ball flight he also helped me iron out a few swing flaws. very minor ones eh Micheal but none the less this has brought my strike quality up another level.
    If I lived closer I would not hessitate to have lessons from Micheal I`m sure he could reduce my 10 handicap to 5
    before the end of next season.POP over to Micheal try the fitting service and look at the Srixon jewels.. Beautiful
    Cannot wait for my Z565 Z765 combo set to arrive thanks again Gary


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