The St. Mary's Golf Team won its second consecutive state championship last fall and the Spartans will be honored on Thursday night for their achievements at the Tony Conigliaro gym. During the half-time of the St. Mary's-Bishop Fenwick men's basketball game, golfers will receive their rings and trophies.

"They really played as a team, although many people think of golf as an individual sport," said St. Mary's Sports Director Jeff Newhall. "But to win the state championship at once, there's a lot to do as a team and a lot of guys who need to play well. It's a group of great kids and we're happy to honor them that way. "

After winning the 2017 national title, the St. Mary's Golf Team began the 2018 season with high expectations. These expectations were exceeded as the Spartans went through the regular season behind the efforts of the entire team. Under the leadership of fraternal duo Christian and Aiden Emmerich, St. Mary's remained unconquered in conference play, won the Catholic Central League title, and advanced to the top of Division 3 North.

At Boxford's Far Corner Golf Club, St. Mary's won the championship championship victory. He beat Weston after totaling 332 points. Christian Emmerich finished the day with a score of 5 to 77 and Emmerich came in with a total of 9 out of 81. Luke Smith and Luke Sargent each shot one out of 15 out of 87 to complete qualifying scores for St. Mary & # 39. ; s.

The following week, the Spartans went to the Georgetown Black Swan Country Club to compete in the state division 3 championship. For the second week in a row, St. Mary's (323) won a one-shot victory over Dover -Sherborn (324), to return to the rank of State Champion. Christian and Aiden Emmerich once again dominated St. Mary's with the best individual performances, while Christian shot 72 and won the individual Division 3 championship for the second year in a row. Aiden shot a 73 and won the honors. Luke Smith (86), Owen Maguire (92), Peter Pagliuca (93) and Luke Sargent (96) complete the individual results of the Spartans.

Thanks to the victory of the golf team, St. Mary's athletics won at least one state championship for 12 years in a row.

"It has been a great race for a few years now, we have at least one a year," said Newhall. "All children in all sports deserve a lot of credit for what they have accomplished over the years and we are certainly proud of all they have accomplished."