Stan Wawrinka wins US OPEN 2016 Final against Novak Djokovic.

Stan Wawrinka takes a victory lap around the US Open Tennis Stadium as the new Champion on 9/11 after he defeats Novak Djokovic in 4 sets to take the US Open 2016 Men’s Tennis Final. Stan Wawrinka takes a run through the US Open Stadium to celebrate his win with his coach and his team as the new Champion, Novak Djokovic is the runner up in the Final of this Gran Slam.

31 thoughts on “Stan Wawrinka wins US OPEN 2016 Final against Novak Djokovic.

  1. TJWhitey38

    As he's walking to the stands, Kyrgios comes along and says "Kokkanakis f&%^ed your girlfriend sorry to tell you mate"

  2. blackhand765

    When the swiss wins over Serb, its look like comedy !!! Go make cookies or chocolate, play soccer idiot !!! We are modern gladiator , our sword is sharp, our brains are big !!!!! Serbian power , Balkan rules !!!!

  3. computermaster

    I love the look on Novak's face on 2.07- looks like he wants to strain in frustration to take a shit, with Boris bringing some toilet rolls so he can wipe his ass, I bet Boris felt like taking a shit too- not so smug now you clown!

  4. thomas schmitz

    reallly US. OPEN BY NOW IN 2016, THEY HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF A WAY FOR THE CHAMPIONS TO REACH THEIR FAMILY/FRIEND'S BOX? NOT EVEN A FRICKING LADDER OR STAND OF SOME SORT? COME ON! what is this cost cutters? anyway, way to go stan the man!…oh and novak cramping? if your cramping THAT BADLY you can't even move!, much less run around the court hitting shots AT ALL!…., gamesmanship…..

  5. thomas schmitz

    huge congrats to stan! my favorite player, although watching him is heart attack inducing and frustrating sometimes… he has NOW EARNED a place in the tennis hall of fame! 3 major championships, olympic doubles gold medalist and winning davis cup team member!


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