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Stolen Community Watch Vehicle Strikes Near Snowbird at Golf Course

The frantic race of a homeless man in a stolen Community Watch vehicle made him cross a golf course where he almost hit a snowbird preparing for the putt. The community surveillance vehicle was seized at 9:30 am Sunday near… Continue Reading →

Community gathers to improve focus of Ontario teenager impaled by golf club

For the first time since the skull of Madison Arseneault was impaled by a golf club sawed during a gym class more than two years ago, the partially paralyzed teenager has a bedroom to which she can actually to access…. Continue Reading →

Community Sports: Accepting Golf Clubs

The ninth annual Carson City Senior Invitational Golf Tournament was held January 19-20 in Primm, Nev. Roger Maxwell and Brent Johnson won on Saturday and second place was Mike and Scott Logue. On Sunday, Nick Paul and Robey Willis came… Continue Reading →

Controversially cut, pieces of trees from the municipal park's golf course are now part of a community arts project

Editor's note: "Our Colorado" helps us all meet the challenges of growth while celebrating life in the state we love. To comment on this story or other 360 stories, write to us at OurCO@TheDenverChannel.com . See more stories … Our… Continue Reading →

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