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Donald Trump Jr. retweets A video rigged on CNN that gets crushed by a golf cart claims that it's Jim Acosta who gets hit • Swing Update

The current war between Donald Trump Junior and Twitter on Jim Acosta has taken an unusual turn today after retweeting a tampered video about CNN's host being crushed by a golf cart. The original tweet, sent by Arthur Schwartz, associate… Continue Reading →

Ryder Cup 2018: the spectator "loses his sight" after being hit by Brooks Koepka's tee shot • Swing Update

The European tour initially indicated that Mrs. Remande had not suffered serious injuries A spectator hit by a tee shot by Brooks Koepka at the Ryder Cup said she had lost sight of her right eye and was considering legal… Continue Reading →

Ryder Cup Spectator hit by Brooks Koepka Drive loses sight of his right eye • bleacherreport.com

FRANCK FIFE / Getty Images A spectator who was hit by a mistake in driving Brooks Koepka at the 2018 Ryder Cup confirmed that she had lost sight of her right eye. Corine Remande said she would also seek to… Continue Reading →

Corine Remande goes blind after being hit with a golf ball at the Ryder Cup • Swing Update

Getty Corine Remande plans to sue after being hit in the face by a golf ball at the National Golf National Golf Club in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, this weekend. According to the Daily Mail, the balloon, touched by Brooks Koepka, turned… Continue Reading →

A Ryder Cup fan says his eyeball exploded when he is hit by Brooks Koepka Shot • tmz.com

Fan of the Ryder Cup Exploded eye injury The macabre photo 10/2/2018 07:51 PDT Exclusive photo 12:19 PT – TMZ Sports got a picture of the injury caused by an "eyeball burst" … and, warning, it's pretty sordid. The person… Continue Reading →

A spectator hit by a golf ball at the Ryder Cup loses sight with one eye and will sue • sky.com

A spectator touched by a golf ball at the Ryder Cup said that she had lost sight of one of her eyes and was considering suing the organizers in court. Corine Remande, 49, was touched at the eye by a… Continue Reading →

A spectator loses sight of his right eye after being hit by a Brooks Koepka wandering t-shirt • usatoday.com

Brentley Romine Golfweek Posted at 3:25 PM EDT on 2 Oct 2018 A spectator who was hit by Brooks Koepka's starting ball in the Ryder Cup lost the vision of her right eye, the spectator told AFP. Corine Remande, 49,… Continue Reading →

Woman whose eye exploded after being hit with a golf ball criticizes the officials of the Ryder Cup • yahoo.com

A blind observer at one of the Ryder Cup golf tournaments held last week in Paris said it was not even the most humiliating part of his race. Corine Remande, aged 49, who had come from Egypt to attend the… Continue Reading →

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