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Community gathers to improve focus of Ontario teenager impaled by golf club

For the first time since the skull of Madison Arseneault was impaled by a golf club sawed during a gym class more than two years ago, the partially paralyzed teenager has a bedroom to which she can actually to access…. Continue Reading →

Californian teenager picks up 50,000 golf balls in coastal waters • treehugger.com

Alex Weber, 18, has just published a study analyzing the entry and degradation of these balls in water. Alex Weber prefers to dive off the coast of Carmel, California. She has been doing this since her childhood, accompanied by her… Continue Reading →

Teenager diver discovers tons of golf balls rotting off California • npr.org

A curious harbor seal inspects diver Mike Weber as he and his team pick up golf balls in the waters off the northern coast of California. Courtesy of Alex Weber hide the legend toggle the legend Courtesy of Alex Weber… Continue Reading →

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