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Trump villagers deliver Build The Wall's message to the streets with a parade of golf carts

Villagers for Trump members made their message heard on Saturday afternoon: the American people must support the President's call for a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Saturday afternoon's "Building the Wall" parade, titled "Villages for Trump", included… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Jr. retweets A video rigged on CNN that gets crushed by a golf cart claims that it's Jim Acosta who gets hit • Swing Update

The current war between Donald Trump Junior and Twitter on Jim Acosta has taken an unusual turn today after retweeting a tampered video about CNN's host being crushed by a golf cart. The original tweet, sent by Arthur Schwartz, associate… Continue Reading →

Trump villagers get ready for Saturday's Build the Wall car rally

Members of the popular Villagers For Trump club are getting ready for Saturday's "Build the Wall" golf car show. Dianne Olsen and Mike Plocharczwk, from Bridgeport Village in Miona Shores, participate in a Villagers for Trump golf cart parade last… Continue Reading →

Trump Golf Club in New Jersey accused of giving false green cards and social security numbers to undocumented employees • Swing Update

The Attorney General of New Jersey would have evidence that President Donald Trump's Garden State Golf Club may have committed immigration offenses by issuing fraudulent green cards and social security numbers to undocumented employees. Anibal Romero, council of several undocumented… Continue Reading →

The FBI examines the employment documents of the Trump Golf Club … • Swing Update

Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, The Washington Post published 16:57 PST, Saturday 29 December 2018

Trump orders federal pay freeze for 2019 • Swing Update

Federal employees are really left behind by the cold of the holiday season. President Donald Trump on Friday issued a decree blocking the salaries of federal employees for 2019, while hundreds of thousands of them are on leave or work… Continue Reading →

FBI allegedly attributed fake green cards to undocumented immigrants working on Trump golf course • Swing Update

Trump National Golf Club supervisors in Bedminster, NJ provided false green cards and fake social security numbers to undocumented workers, according to a report in the Washington Post. Anibal Romero, a lawyer representing five undocumented immigrants while they were working… Continue Reading →

The FBI has collected fake green cards allegedly provided by the leaders of the Trump Golf Club: Report • huffingtonpost.com

FBI and New Jersey investigators collected employment documents and information allegedly provided to immigrants unauthorized to work by supervisors at President Donald Trump's golf club in Bedminster, the Washington Post reported Saturday. Newark's attorney, Anibal Romero, told the newspaper that… Continue Reading →

FBI and New Jersey AG get evidence that Trump Golf Club may have given false documents to illegals • Swing Update

Federal and state investigators reportedly analyzed illegal immigrant employment documents allegedly working at President Donald Trump's golf club in New Jersey, according to their lawyer, Anibal Romero. Anibal Romero, a Newark attorney who represents five undocumented migrants who claim to… Continue Reading →

Thursday marks the longest presidential leg of Trump away from golf

It has been 39 days since the president, who had already reprimanded his predecessor for playing golf, visited a golf course and one of his Trump properties. In his first two years, the President's usual practice is to travel seasonally… Continue Reading →

Mitt Romney says Trump did not become the cloak of office • Swing Update

Mitt Romney, Utah's new senator and former Republican presidential candidate, revived his rivalry with President Trump on Tuesday with an opinion piece published in the Washington Post in which he stated that Mr. Trump "did not show up". " A… Continue Reading →

FBI investigates Trump Golf Club for hiring undocumented workers after advice given to Mueller • Swing Update

New Jersey investigators and the FBI have obtained fake green cards given by executives at President Trump's national golf club in Bedminster to undocumented lawyers, a Washington Post worker's lawyer said. Anibal Romero, a New Jersey lawyer representing five undocumented… Continue Reading →

An undocumented worker states that Trump Resort has protected her from the secret service • Swing Update

Golf Club and Trump International officials did not respond to requests for comment on Ms. Torres' account. A spokeswoman for the secret service, Cathy L. Milhoan, said that she could not discuss the measures taken by the agency to control… Continue Reading →

Trump Villagers Organize Build the Wall Golf Car Rally

Villagers For Trump is gearing up to host a Republican golf car show "Build the Wall". The event, designed to show support for the president's efforts to build a wall along the United States-Mexico border to combat illegal immigration, will… Continue Reading →

Pelosi knows the art of the deal. Trump just talks about it. • Swing Update

The newly invested president, Nancy Pelosi, may have found a way to tame the wild beast that is Donald Trump. The mother of five knows not to negotiate with an unreasonable child. "I'm in the White House and I'm waiting… Continue Reading →

FBI Collected Fake Green Cards Allegedly Supplied By Trump Golf Club Managers: Report

The FBI and New Jersey investigators have collected employment documents and information allegedly provided to immigrants not authorized to work by supervisors at President Donald Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, The Washington Post reported Saturday. Newark attorney Anibal Romero told… Continue Reading →

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