Bernhard Langer Is Accused of Cheating! Is He a Cheater?

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The Cheating Accusation!

The German golfer, Bernhard Langer has been encompassed with a misrepresentation charge since a month ago, and it is without a doubt identified with his method of putting strokes.

While Langer was getting a charge out of another prevailing season on the Champions Tour, he got presented with an issue of disregarding golf’s tying down boycott, which was the putting stroke of Langer.

Albeit United States Golf Association has protected the 59-years of age player, a few unmistakable voices keep on casting slanders on him. Accordingly, Langer communicated his sicken on the repeating duping allegation and talked at Royal Porthcawl toward the finish of a month ago.

Blimp Crashes At US Open 2017

(CNN)The blimp fell out of the sky and burst into flames as the world’s best golfers competed in the first round of the 117th US Open Championship in Wisconsin. “According to local authorities, a commercial blimp not affiliated to the USGA or the US Open Championship Broadcast crashed in an open field approx. half a mile from the Erin Hills golf course at approx.