Taylormade M1 Fairway vs Srixon Z65 Fairway

      4 Comments on Taylormade M1 Fairway vs Srixon Z65 Fairway

4 thoughts on “Taylormade M1 Fairway vs Srixon Z65 Fairway

  1. Ed Mc

    Good reviews I like the head to head videos. Any chance to test some of the golf balls for spin off the drivers and wedges also for distance Thank You, Ed

  2. michandcat

    Absolutely love head to head videos. Would love to see the avg golfer do an old tech vs new tech in the near future. 09 Burner vs M1 would be very intriguing. Lots of us still holding on to old tech unsure if its worth spending big bucks on the new stuff. great work sir! keep it up

  3. Stefan Verhoeven

    Great video, very fun! I feel like you might get better numbers by trying to hit it less hard. Might also be more fair for the second 5 shots. Otherwise great srixon club, even though you said you were tired still the longer club.


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