TaylorMade M3 vs M4 | Driver Test | Golf Monthly

► Golf Monthly’s Neil Tappin tests both the new TaylorMade M3 and M4 drivers and explains the similarities and differences in performance and technology.

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14 thoughts on “TaylorMade M3 vs M4 | Driver Test | Golf Monthly

  1. Bandit Baker

    Thanks for an unbiased review Neil, after all the hysteria from the anti-TM brigade it`s good to see a fair minded reviewer at work.

  2. Lamarcus Brown

    Good review but 290 yard carry with your swing is a bit unbelievable guys on tour don't have that carry!!!

  3. Mark Bond

    You mentioned these are really powerful drivers but the limitations in place mean that they are not allowed to be any more powerful then other brands. Please stop trying to sell us the power myth and perhaps stick to trying to pull the wool over or eyes with this twist face rubbish.

  4. Jordan Austin

    Only issue I have is I feel like the twist face only works if the face is relatively square when hitting these shots, but what happens when high toe it with an open face?.. it goes way right because the face is twisted open already. And the same with a low heel shot; if your face is shut it's going to punish you worse than ever. It can help I'm not saying it doesn't, but only for people with those specific misses and patterns, definitely something that I would test even more before buying


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