The 300 Ping experience – That’s too many Hanzos | OVERWATCH

(I also realized that in the end I wrote ”loot at me” instead of ”look at me”, I already rerendered this video 4 times I am too sad to render it again)

I shall call this the winkygames. What? Hunger Games? Where’s the difference?
Also should I keep music out in these kind of videos? I felt like this was a bit better without it, unless you guys thing otherwise c;


Check out Winged’s channel:

【Drum&Bass】Ravel Nightstar – The Drums and Bass of Flower Bless
Willy Wonka – Pure Imagination (Trap Remix)

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26 thoughts on “The 300 Ping experience – That’s too many Hanzos | OVERWATCH

  1. MileHighRex

    I have suddenlink in a basically empty neighborhood so they have shit service and I literally cannot get lower than 200 ping and have an average of 300. Don't joke about this matter

  2. MileHighRex

    For me on 300 ping people will freeze and their running animations will still be going and then they teleport like every half second it's impossible to even play


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