Fox News host Chris Wallace insisted that Donald Trump's staff president, Mick Mulvaney, talks about the president's "apparent hypocrisy," as news has revealed that his golf club has hired undocumented immigrants for many years.

"But The Washington Post reports, this weekend, that the Trump Golf Club in New Jersey has employed a steady stream of illegal immigrants for years and that club officials knew that they were illegal, "said Wallace on Fox News Sunday as he interviewed Mulvaney. "How do you explain this apparent hypocrisy of President Trump and his company?"

Mulvaney admitted that it was "a good question" but told Wallace that the Trump organization should respond to it. He said that the Trump White House is "not involved in the operation of these facilities".

GettyImages-815133880 President Donald Trump salutes winners at 72nd US Women's Open Golf Championship at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminister, NJ, July 15, 2017 SAUL LOEB / AFP / Getty Images

The president may not be involved in his business at the moment, but his children are. Trump also publicly opposed undocumented immigrants long before taking office. The most important slogan of his 2016 presidential campaign was "building the wall," Trump systematically campaigning against undocumented migrants for landing jobs with US citizens and committing crimes. However, the data show that immigrants, whether legal or illegal, commit crimes at lower rates than US citizens.

Despite Trump's rhetoric demonizing undocumented migrants, his companies apparently had no qualms about hiring them as employees. A series of reports from The Washington Post explained how the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, deliberately hired undocumented migrants. Many were fired last month as Trump maintained the government's closure due to congressional leaders' refusal to provide $ 5.7 billion in funding for a wall along the US's southern border. United with Mexico.

"For me, moving to the United States has not been a radical change," said Mauricio Garro, 36, a Costa Rican national who has worked in the field of maintenance at the Trump Golf Course for five years. The post office. "My whole city has practically lived there."

"Many of us have helped him get what he has today," said Dario Angulo, 34, who said his house was built with from "Trum money". "This golf course was built by illegals," he said.

GettyImages-1014100482 A sign is seen at the entrance of Trump National Golf Club on August 9, 2018 in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Despite the practices of his own company, Trump again stated in early January that undocumented immigrants were taking jobs from US citizens.

"All Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. This compromises public resources and reduces jobs and wages, "he said. The president again advanced a similar argument in his State of the Union address last week, saying the country needed an immigration system that "protects" the "jobs of our citizens".

Many experts and analysts have long rejected the popular argument of the right that undocumented immigrants hold US jobs.

"The impact of immigrant labor on the wages of native-born workers is low," said Vanda Felbab-Brown, Senior Fellow of Brookings, in an essay. "Undocumented migrants often perform hard and painful jobs that native-born workers are unwilling to do."