The global gifts offered to the Trump family by world leaders in 2017 include a $ 16G dinnerware set and a golf club


The Trump family and the administration received sumptuous gifts totaling more than $ 140,000 from foreign leaders during the first year of the president's term. Among the gifts: jewelry, handbags, paintings and even a golf club.

The State Department has published an annual list of gifts offered to federal employees by foreign governments during the 2017 calendar year.

The two most expensive gifts were offered by Chinese President Xi Jinping. They presented a 14,400 dollar calligraphy and presentation box and a set of porcelain dishes including plates bearing the impression of the Trumps Resort's pink house. , Mar-a-Lago, worth $ 16,250.

The Saudis and Arab Gulf states also donated at least $ 24,120 in donations, including a $ 6,400 pendant in rubies and emeralds from the Saudi King of King Salman, a Crown Prince's $ 4,850 gold-plated fighter from Bahrain and a "royal" reptile fragrance. – a briefcase worth $ 1,260 worth of Deputy Prime Minister of Oman.

All gifts are accepted where "a non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donors and the US government," the state department said in its documents. It is customary for presidents to receive gifts from foreign leaders. Articles are given to the National Archives.


Melania Trump also received gifts, including a $ 3,400 purse from the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and a $ 2,564 fountain pen from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It is worth noting that the grandchildren of the First Family received a cigar box from King Abdullah, while Ivanka Trump received a putter through the House of Councilors of Japan.

Associated Press contributed to this report.