The Golf Club 2 – Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (RCR Review)

I play and review Shinnecock Hills Golf Club which is home to the 2018 US Open later this year.

4 thoughts on “The Golf Club 2 – Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (RCR Review)

  1. Ade el LoCo

    I enjoy your vids, but I have to say on this one, the auto-gen comment was unfair and if I was the designer, I'd be disappointed in that. It'd take less than a few minutes to Google or Youtube the course beforehand or even as you play to see if it looks and plays similar. This is my favorite course in the game as it'll separate the men from the boys, and also those who are legit and those who use underhanded methods in playing golf games.

    Nice round though for a first attempt. Certainly a course one has to play a couple of times at least to go real low.

  2. Jeff White

    Well played in tough conditions Early. That flop shot was unreal. I love your honesty with these course reviews. I agree that parts of the course look autogenerated in areas. Your by far the best youtuber on TGC2.


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