The golf courses in the valley were damaged

destroyed golf courses

COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. – Several golf courses in the valley are still undergoing significant damage after the storm last week.

"It was brutal … but we wanted to play golf … and it was one of the open places," said Steve Gill, a visitor to the Minnesota Valley who has just completed a round of golf at Mesquite Golf & Country Club.

"Because of the heavy rains, a lot of things are destroyed," said Emil Kolb.

Several bridges were destroyed last Thursday at the Mesquite Golf & Country Club and water still flows in some parts of the course. However, nine holes remain open for play.

Cimarron Golf Resort in Palm Springs has also been washed away in some areas.

"We're from Canada, so we know we will not be playing golf here in the next two weeks," said Rick McLaughlin, a member of the Cimarron Club.

The driving range of the Big Rock Golf Course at Indian Springs in Indio has also been completely destroyed by flood waters.

"Water was entering the entire practice area," said Michael Choma, an employee of the Big Rock Golf Course.

He says it's a blow to club business during the usually busy winter season. "We also sell annual range passes and these are completely obsolete … we sell more range balls with golfers, so we can no longer sell them and benefit from them, which has had a huge impact. golf course, "said Choma. He says it will take at least a month before things get fixed and the club hopes the city will help them clean some of this debris.

And although the courses are not in perfect condition, many players from colder climates say that despite the unfavorable conditions, the snow is still beating at home. "This is not the nicest January we've ever had here, but it's better than home," said Bruce Webb, a visitor to the Iowa Valley.

"We are from Minnesota! So even your bad weather is good for us, "said Steve Gill, a visitor to the Minnesota Valley.