The Golf Shop: Srixon Q-Star

No better feeling in the world than when you flush a Srixon…

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28 Replies to “The Golf Shop: Srixon Q-Star”

  1. Your wife, and my wife, have the exact same look of disgust when I do something stupid… I wonder if they were taught that in school at some point??? Great video!

  2. Not even remotely funny or entertaining.  Low brow humor aimed at the lowest common denominator.  The course vlogs are at least semi-entertaining.

  3. This should be Srixon's official commercial. Gonna go out & buy me a box to game just so it reminds me of this video whenever I look down @ the ball. Glad I subscribed!

  4. Hope no 4 to 12 year old who know where their dad keeps the golf balls watch this one! There is going to be a lot of blocked toilets.

  5. Wow… I mean, flushing down golf balls in a toilet, as a "commercial"… It takes a peculiar set of skills to come up with a idea like that for a "commercial". But as allways, I like it. Keep it up guys.

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