The Golficity Bump, A Club Toss, A Cheat, and A Picture

The Golficity Effect

First and foremost, congratulations to Golficity pal, Francesco Molinari, for his first PGA TOUR victory of his career. Clearly, playing alongside Mike at the Arnold Palmer Invitational has had a positive effect on Francesco’s game.


Since the two walked Bay Hill together, Molinari has won the BMW PGA Championship on the European Tour, holding off Rory McIlroy for the two-stroke victory and now the QL National, running away from the pack after posting a 62 on Sunday.

One can only assume a visit on the Golficity Podcast would essentially lock-up an Open Championship victory for the Italian.

Brooke Loses Her Cool in the Heat

As a Chicagoan, I can attest to the stifling heat over the weekend that the LPGA experienced at Kemper Lakes. And it seemed to get to Brooke Henderson during the final round yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good club toss. My favorite is the non-chalant club flip towards the bag or golf cart. I’ve pretty much perfected it.

This one I give a B-, too. I really like the fact that she straight-up broke the club. I mean, if you’re going to slam a club, you might as well snap that bad-boy and go all-in.

However, Brooke’s caddy was potentially in the line-of-fire of the club snap, which is not okay.

“Kang cheated…”

In an extremely rare case of bluntness, Joel Dahmen called out his playing partner, Sung Kang for cheating…on Twitter.

It’s a pretty fascinating thread.

When you hear rumblings of players cheating on the Tour, this is exactly what they are talking about. It’s these little things that occur and don’t get called out by the rules officials or the PGA TOUR itself.

The Picture of the Weekend

If there was ever any question of the impact Tiger still and will always have on the game of golf.

Love him or hate him, think it’s good or bad for golf, or just annoyed by the wall-to-wall coverage, this will not change.

My advice: either get over it or don’t watch.

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