The latest addition to Albion? A high-tech golf simulator


Sailing on a bright green grass with views of the sunny skies and clear blue waters in mid-February is pretty much an impossible dream in Michigan.

But at the newly opened Mitchell Golf Performance Studio in downtown Albion, you'll get closer to its high-resolution golf simulator.

"We are trying to get locals to come and use the simulator for entertainment, for fun," said Stephanie Dobbins, vice president of Mitchell Golf Equipment Company. "We want to add something to downtown life, so that they can go to the restaurant, play golf, watch a movie."

Mitchell Golf Equipment Company is a manufacturer of golf equipment. It all started in Ohio, but all of its operations were transferred to Albion in 2016, when Caster Concepts of Albion acquired it.

Caster Concepts and the Dobbins family opened their doors in Albion. This list includes Pure Albion, The Office, Brick Street Marketing and Foundry Bakehouse and Deli, an up-to-date store.

Mitchell Golf held a grand opening on Thursday.

After two years of activity, the company evolving smoothly since its new base in Albion, the company is reviving the construction and repair of golf clubs that it previously organized in Ohio, along with the Opening of its new golf simulation studio.

"One of the first questions we had from our clients was," Are you going to have training schools again? Said Andrew Dobbins, president of Mitchell Golf Equipment Company.

Mitchell Golf held its first four-day club building workshop at its facility in downtown Albion in late January. The new studio is located at 304 South Superior Street, across from the Kids' Museum for Kids & # 39; N & # 39; Stuff and next to the Courtyard by Marriott.

"We had people from Seattle, Washington, DC, Detroit, who flew inside, stayed at the hotel, for an intensive four day practical construction, specification sessions, rebuilding clubs, "said Dobbins. "It was a bit of a" Hey, we're going to have our first class and understand some problems, find bumps. "

Monthly courses are scheduled once a month at $ 799 per course. The next class will take place from March 25th to 28th.

"Being able to bring people from out of town to town is a great thing, and being able to use the simulator, what people can do on the other hand, is unique," Dobbins said. "There is nothing else in our region like this."

And the studio is something that local golf lovers also enjoy.

"I've already booked time tonight for my husband and I to be able to come here and play," said Kelly Rice, a resident of Albion who was at the official opening of the Mitchell Golf Performance Studio on Thursday. "We have many opportunities to stay in shape and keep our momentum during the winter months, and I've never played Pebble Beach in real life, but I can play here."

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Mitchell Performance Golf Studio

304 South Superior St., Albion, MI

(800) 437-1314