The new owner of Adventure Golf: modernization work


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Local entrepreneurs Earl Hatmaker and his wife, Megan Lee, have successfully launched new businesses in the area over the last three years.

The couple runs the Shakery Juice Bar, billed as "the first Dayton Mobile Juice Bar", and Method Yoga, based in Springboro, which offers a variety of yoga and meditation classes, as well as specialized workshops.

The Aventure Golf renovation and renovation agreement will be a challenge for the business duo, as the course has had difficulties over the past ten years.

The first step will be the relaunch with a new name, Your Adventure Golf, as well as new equipment for the three-acre property.

"Our plan is to renovate and improve the course so that it's a fun and exciting place for kids and adults," Lee said.

The property is being renovated, hoping for an Easter revival with over $ 60,000 invested by the new owners.

Lee is confident that with good business management and a new look, Your Adventure Golf will once again be a hit with the public.

"We plan to organize special thematic events for groups, birthdays, etc.," she said. "We hope to collaborate with other local businesses to create a sense of community."

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