The refs weren’t fair to Cam Newton against the Broncos | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Cam Newton got a little roughed up in Thursday night’s season opener between the Panthers and Broncos. Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock on whether or not the refs were fair to the QB.

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20 thoughts on “The refs weren’t fair to Cam Newton against the Broncos | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. jahme8

    Whitlock is talking GARBAGE in this video.
    Those Broncos were launching at Cams head on numerous occasions.
    It's illegal. Plain and Simple.
    Doesn't matter if Cam can run. No head hunting in Football
    The refs assisted the Broncos to a victory.

  2. Mind ControleR90

    This is the worst criticism I ever witness. Whenever he starts getting hurt because of all the cheap shots he has been taken then what? Your gonna admit it ain't right to keep hitting a quarterback after he throws the ball.

  3. Marco Clarke

    I hope someone clean cocks the shit out of Aaron Rodgers I don't wanna hear shit from anyone then because he trash talks defenses all the time

  4. kankasin

    If you trash talk defs from min1, if you run non stop you will get hit. get used to it.
    However there were dirty head shots and they should be penalised.
    Except that 2 head shot, every shot was legal. If you play read option every play you cant expect def not to hit you when you hand the ball. How can they know who has the ball, same for out of the pocket. As soon as you leave the pocket which cam did almost every snap, you are a RB and you will be hit like that.

  5. ClanBez

    What a load of total crap. Look at that idiot almost never sliding down but instead going head first and u see cam lowering his head coming into a hit. How's that anyone's fault other than cam's? There was 1 hit that should be fined. The rest is cam's own play behavior that is usually only seen in rookie players these days.

  6. Glock2201

    It seems so simple to me. If he is outside the pocket, executing a designed running play, or he takes off with pressure he should be treated like a RB. If he is in the pocket making a pass he should be treated like a QB. If the officials can't figure that out they should find another job.

    I do think sometimes helmet to helmet penalties are called when the offensive person lowers his head late either on purpose or the result of contact and it is not the defender's fault and it should not be called.

  7. Supreme Being

    Panthers fans are just as trashy and cry babies as the Patriots fans. They had plenty of chances to win that game against the Broncos starting with a 17-7 lead in the first have. If your team needs to win on flag calls, then your team sucks. plain and simple.


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