The Spirit of Golf – Passion

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Passion is a powerful aspect of human nature. It is a force that brings forth the motivation that effectively enables a connection with any desired accomplishment. As long as the heartfelt passion endures, even the most difficult of endeavors can be conquered. The game of golf has something within it that brings us to a higher ground of self-realization through the passionate fulfillment of a desire that lies within its cornerstone.

If we are willing to take the risk, passion can ignite explosive inspiration and creativity revealing our unrealized abilities. This, in turn, supports the purpose and mission in our pursuit of play. Should you try that impossible golf shot and fail, you are at least stretching yourself to the next level. But, should you succeed, you release an adrenaline rush that allows the human spirit to soar and move ever closer to the heart of the game. We can be transformed only if we allow ourselves the unrestricted release of our passion which provides a gift to the human spirit. Through experience, we play in all aspects of our lives, releasing unrestricted enthusiasms. It is passion that reveals our true inner self along with the authentic nature of our being. Passionate involvement allows us to live our lives to the fullest and move past the restrictions of caution, that often hold us back.

As we continue to satisfy the passion within us, we begin to realize how the game can have a unique effect on our very existence. Our willingness is released from our desire to force results. This in turn energizes and enables us to unlock a new found work ethic that is not burdensome, but rather flows from the power of an inner force. This gives us endless, effortless endurance to experience without any attachment to the outcome. We learn to let it happen rather than forcing on the game a willful desire to control. Our aspirations are fully realized as we become one with the game. The effect on our human condition can be affected in a grand manner as we continue our search, always hoping to unforgettable the inner secrets held in the playing fields of our lives. When we allow ourselves to become totally immersed in all aspects of the game, we realize a more holistic connection with all that is golf. Once again we recognize more of the intrinsic nature of its totality. It is definitely more than just a game.

Golf requires self-directed psychological strength backed by an unfailing, positive attitude. It's our decision to take responsibility for our own destiny and accomplishments. The ability to maintain necessary endurance requires an internal support structure. Passion instills a strong value system based on honesty, sincerity, and open-mindedness. Our search for the truth will be diagnosed in results. Thoughts are formulated and developed through a process of growth and accomplishment. This holds our interest and supports the passion if we maintain a rational, objective, and efficient process that flows in an effortless manner. Through mediation our spirit penetrates and opens the vast possibilities of a peaceful pursuit. Now, we have an ability to move from an existence of hopelessly chasing to effortlessly thriving while reaching a state of automatic, mindful mindlessness. Higher levels of accomplishment provide our passion with a renewed support system focused directly on the moment of contact.

Our self-esteem provides strength of character and passionate connection to a purpose. If we take the time to build the cornerstone with personal values ​​and affirmations supportive of the majesty of the game, our passion allows the spirit to soar. As our strength of character is challenged and continues to grow, passion is lifted and achievements support the potential for infinite growth. At the end of the day, we are better for our experiences. A golf shot, to which the game owes its life, desire, and plan offers up a divine insight into the basis of human nature. We are energized and the structure of our character is grounded in the material content within the cornerstone's integrity. Play becomes a manifestation of the divine and not just for the sake of satisfaction of ego, personal gain, reward, or result. We became connected with the energy source that our game owes its life to. Passion continues to prosper and grow, allowing us to participate without questioning, moving gracefully from shot to shot, making routes of calm tranquility at times both good or bad.

Golf, however, defies this logical thinking. When our mind, body, and spirit are in sync, the magic appears. The sense of flow and oneness with the perfect contact satisfies the soul, and for that wonderful moment, we have connected to the nature of it. Once again, we are recharged by the successful exit of our effort. If we can learn to accept the experience into our being, capture it there, and establish recall within the senses, then we can grasp the secret.

When faith and trust are exercised to the full capacity we begin to align with an acceptance of our ability to succeed. Sensibility is activated and actions respond in an effortless, positive exit. We just let it happen with no need for thoughtful control. When we fully realize the power of the force within us, the experiences of golfing adventures continue to expand. An energy release becomes a conscious part of our everyday play, expanding exponentially. Properly focused, we witness the infinite potential hidden within finite existence. When passion is strong the feeling of wholeness continues to support the integrity of our efforts. We move ever closer to the discovery of the secret which connets golf with the life force that sustains and guides us.

By remaining silent within our mind, heart, and spirit, we will avoid impulsive actions bringing greater harmony to our decisions. As we seek to know all sides of the truth, the abundance of inspiration from the divine guidance comes into our lives with spiritual sincerity. We now understand how each and every situation we confront, whether positive or negative, serves a purpose in unfolding the wholeness of our being in golf and life. We can connect with our game and become one with an effortless, flowing motion of total engagement. The secret is revealed through our passionate pursuit as we connect to a process that supports the wholeness of our purpose.

Passion brought us to the game of golf and it is the game itself that gives us what we need to keep the passion alive. All we need to do is open ourselves up to the possibility of letting the nature of golf penetrate our spirit. The soulful requirement of the divinity within our true nature extends to the outer limits of the fully realized individual being. Continuing the search for how the game provides this type of involvement opens an opportunity for self-discovery. The recreational support for the wholeness within our unique being allows for the passionate release of its deepest inspiration. Purpose becomes clear as we become inspired from the inside of our being to the outward expression of what we hold to be true and authentic. Now, I invite you to join me as we begin a journey to release the power that lies within a passion for the game.

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