Tiger Woods’ Greatest Moments: ’99 Ryder Cup – Battle of Brookline

Chronicling the Best Moments of Tiger Woods’ illustrious career:

1999 Ryder Cup

*The video used is not my property and I do not intend to make any profit off the use of it. All editing and voiceovers were done by me

8 thoughts on “Tiger Woods’ Greatest Moments: ’99 Ryder Cup – Battle of Brookline

  1. stevepising

    I hadn't realised at the time that Leonard was trying to get people off the green after the putt. Good sportsmanship of him at least.

  2. AbleAnderson

    Where did you get the footage to make this video? I can't find 99 Ryder cup coverage anywhere online anymore

  3. Lonenupe1215

    It was an awesome day! I had the opportunity to take my father to the Ryder Cup in Brookline that day and it was magical!

    It was the best golf performance I have ever witnessed firsthand and the icing on the cake is I got to share that moment with my dad!

  4. OsedeTheG

    It's funny how nobody talks about how Mark James did not play Coltart, Van de Velde or Sandelin until the singles. They all got hammered pretty good. Those three points ended up being part of the difference.


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