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There was no third round 65 in Tiger Woods 'cards at this year's players' championship, but as is almost always the case with Woods, there have been many wild and interesting moments by the time he shot one of the most interesting -by 72 days I saw in a moment.

Let's look in detail at Woods' 72nd Saturday as he moves away from growing to a third career win in the championship of the players.

Before new (3 of 39): It was probably the ugliest nine hole Woods played all week. He needed 17 putts to fight his way through the top nine on the course in almost 40 strokes (gulp) and lost three shots on the field with this flat stick. It was as if all the momentum that had been gathered over the first 36 holes collapsed while Tiger made a single shot rolled over 3 feet. This ended unceremoniously on the ninth par-5. Woods hit a beautiful 89- to 9-foot corner but never saw it because dirt or grass was flying in his eyes. Then he raised the putt and left with five more of his 39 shots on the front.

Back new (under 33 years old): Grind harder, Tiger! Big Cat made birdies at numbers 12, 16 and 17 to reverse his score and make him respectable. The most fun was number 17 (more details below), but I was generally impressed by the end. While the tournament was almost officially out of reach, Woods closed as he was in the middle on a Sunday and he even had trouble making his way as a result of a bad position on # 18 to keep his score tied.

What went well: He hit again for the second day in a row. Woods won more than two shots on the tee field at the green, but I'm not sure he would have put it in the water surrounding the island, he said. had a bucket of bullets and an hour to do it.

What has gone wrong: Woods took 31 putts to play TPC Sawgrass on Saturday, and 17 of them were among the top nine. He did only 45 feet of putts for the round and a single putt of more than 4 feet in the day. It is hard to exaggerate how difficult it is to do!

Time of day: Neither Woods nor his playing partner, Kevin Na, made a birdie for the first 10 holes before Na finally got one in the 11th and Woods did the same in the 12th. Then they started working with a collection of birds and an eagle that peaked at the 17th green. Na ran after his birdie, which made Tiger laugh, then Tiger did the same with his short putt. They had a good laugh about their dueling duels and fled to 18 to finish their rounds. All of this happened just a day after Tiger scored a seventh on that hole.

Where he is: At 3 under the week following a 70-71-72 start, Woods was just outside the top 40 when he finished his round. The disappointment here is that the course gave points, especially at the time when he was playing. The average pitch at the time Tiger finished was just 71.5, and he was obviously above that (and almost well Above).

And after: Woods will have another Sunday departure time in the middle of the morning or early morning. With another tournament title out of reach, he will both get legitimate representatives for Augusta National (in a month) and aggressively try to publish a number to reach the highest possible rank. In other words, it should be a really fun finale after a rather poor week overall for Woods.