Tiger Woods Stinger – Slow Motion Analysis

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Learn how to hit a punch shot by closing the club face and powering the swing more with the body. If you have a lot of hand flip in your release, this is a tough shot for you. But that’s why it can be such a good skill to train.

1 thought on “Tiger Woods Stinger – Slow Motion Analysis

  1. chris cavanagh

    my 2 cents:

    FEEL like you're hitting the ball above the equator. sorta like a masse shot in billiards. i do this with 3 wood and take zero divot. this definitely gets the hands ahead. For me, this is most essential element in the shot.

    only for this shot – tiger used to let his head slide past the ball thru impact (this was harmon/pre trackman and maybe because his swing was more upright and a bit steep). for us amateurs, i'd say this move is necessary (and natural!), but be careful of the slide creeping into stock swings.

    I dont have a better way of saying this: the shot, more than any other, really requires you to DOMINATE the ball. hit it super late and use that right glute into impact.

    BLAM-O! Most rewarding shot in golf.

    Lee Trevino: If you're choking, hit it LOW!


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