Titleist 917 D3 Driver – Amateur Golf Club Review

In this video, Pete and Wayne do an honest amateur golf club review of the new Titleist 917 D3 Driver at Glen View Golf Academy @ Burnley Golf Club. Comparing it to their Cobra F6 and Cobra Fly-Z drivers. See how they get on using the Foresight GC2 Simulator. You’ve seen the pros hit them, now see how they perform for amateurs.

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8 thoughts on “Titleist 917 D3 Driver – Amateur Golf Club Review

  1. Patrick Heavey

    Wayne, do you think having the Titleist custom fit made a big difference? I wonder would you still pick it if your Cobra was also custom fit?

  2. Carl Broadbent

    Nice review guys. That cobra f6 3rd shot…. 76 yards off line FOOOOOOOUUUUURRRR !!! LOL Just messing lads. Keep up the good vlogs.

  3. simon berry

    nice review guys, I play the 915 so I agree about titleist being well made clubs but one thing you didn't mention was the price retailing at over £400 is starting to get stupid and your numbers weren't that much different, what do you guys think of the prices of clubs now?

  4. Golf On Camera

    Interesting review guys but I'm very confused with the data you have shown us. With the inconsistency in spin and dispersion, was you comparing your drivers with the Titleist 917?

  5. Terry Bergin

    Good comprehensive (was going to say "professional" but you're amateurs of course) review. Liked the format a lot. Now that you have the facilities, are you going to try other drivers before switching to the Titleist?

  6. Chet Koczynski

    Sorry, is that smash factor assumed or measured? It's a bit too consistent for it to be measured, no? And if it's assumed, what is the launch monitor not measuring? I assume the clubhead? Also, those spin rates seem very low given. I'm wondering if you wouldn't benefit from a higher spinning driver – i.e., more carry distance. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought most of the pros that review clubs on here like to seek a driver backspin rate at around 2,000 rpm? Thanks.


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