Titleist 917 D3 Driver – Amateur Golf Club Review

In this video, Pete and Wayne do an honest amateur golf club review of the new Titleist 917 D3 Driver at Glen View Golf Academy @ Burnley Golf Club. Comparing it to their Cobra F6 and Cobra Fly-Z drivers. See how they get on using the Foresight GC2 Simulator. You’ve seen the pros hit them, now see how they perform for amateurs.

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  • Wayne, do you think having the Titleist custom fit made a big difference? I wonder would you still pick it if your Cobra was also custom fit?

  • Nice review guys. That cobra f6 3rd shot…. 76 yards off line FOOOOOOOUUUUURRRR !!! LOL Just messing lads. Keep up the good vlogs.

  • nice review guys, I play the 915 so I agree about titleist being well made clubs but one thing you didn't mention was the price retailing at over £400 is starting to get stupid and your numbers weren't that much different, what do you guys think of the prices of clubs now?

  • Interesting review guys but I'm very confused with the data you have shown us. With the inconsistency in spin and dispersion, was you comparing your drivers with the Titleist 917?

  • Good comprehensive (was going to say "professional" but you're amateurs of course) review. Liked the format a lot. Now that you have the facilities, are you going to try other drivers before switching to the Titleist?

  • Sorry, is that smash factor assumed or measured? It's a bit too consistent for it to be measured, no? And if it's assumed, what is the launch monitor not measuring? I assume the clubhead? Also, those spin rates seem very low given. I'm wondering if you wouldn't benefit from a higher spinning driver – i.e., more carry distance. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought most of the pros that review clubs on here like to seek a driver backspin rate at around 2,000 rpm? Thanks.