Titleist 917 F2 18 degree Fairway Wood (5W) – Amateur Golf Club Review

In this video, Pete and Wayne do an honest amateur golf club review of the new Titleist 917 F2 Fairway Wood (5 wood) set at 18 degrees, at Glen View Golf Academy @ Burnley Golf Club. We then discuss 5 wood vs hybrid and if there is a place in the bag for both? We see how the club performs for us using the Foresight GC2 Simulator. You’ve seen the pros hit them, now see how they perform for amateurs.

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9 thoughts on “Titleist 917 F2 18 degree Fairway Wood (5W) – Amateur Golf Club Review

  1. Patrick Heavey

    great stuff lads. Might be slightly improved if you told us as you were hitting it how you felt the strike was i.e bit out of the toe, nailed it etc, etc.

  2. Mediocre Golfer

    The reason Wayne's ball speed was higher was due to more efficient smash factor (better strike) I carry 5 wood instead of a 3 wood and then carry a 22 degree hybrid and have dropped the 4 iron

  3. Alex horsfield

    Driver, 5 wood 3 iron is my set up works a treat, 5 wood definitely best club in the bag so easy to launch and goes long!

  4. Bogey Golfer

    so if you compare the results from the 3W the carry is not much difference to this 5W but seemed easier to hit from the deck so a better question is whether this would replace a 3W, which in my case I have replaced my 3W with a 5W for the exact reason, not much difference in carry but easier to hit off the deck

  5. Charlie Chap

    A bit of feedback after every shot so we know what your thinking process is, it would detract from the silence. Nice vids, keep them coming!

  6. Terry Bergin

    This is a great format for club reviews, with two people hitting and giving their opinions, and the great tech as well. I recently switched to a 17.5 fairway from a 15.5 (both Ping) and the new one is longer and straighter for me off both deck and tee.

  7. Oliver Cleeve-bright

    His ball speed was higher due to his quality of strike being better. His smash factor was higher than yours causing the higher ball speed

  8. Oliver Cleeve-bright

    I would say as you're using a GC2 HMT try to include the strike information. You just need the reflective dots for the GC2 so you can pick it up


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