Tournament Week! – Fairways And Greens

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So, if you follow this blog you must know that this week (March 19-25) is the week of the WGC Dell Match Play and it is taking place in my new hometown of Austin, TX.

And, I have volunteered to work at the tournament as a marshall.


This will be the third time I have volunteered at a professional golf tournament. The first time was at the Texas Open the last year it was played at San Antonio’s Oak Hills Country Club in 1994.

I got to be a standard bearer during that tournament, which means I walked with a group of players carrying a sign indicating the scores the players were shooting. The sign is called a standard, hence the job as a standard bearer.

I got to watch Mark Calcavecchia, Lee Jansen, and Payne Stewart play golf and let me tell you, I learned a lot during those few days of being around real players.

The second time was at a Senior Tour event called the Vantage at The Dominion in San Antonio in 1994.

I got to watch Chi Chi Rodriguez play during that event, but he didn’t play very well, so I didn’t get to see any of his trademark swashbuckling sword fighting.

Now, I’m back in Texas and I’m going to spend the latter half of this week watching 64 of the best players on earth playing a magnificent golf course.

Here’s a look at the range. I promise many more pics of the course to come!


As you come into the country club entrance, you see the 8th tee and 9th green on your left. Of course, the entrance to the tournament is by way of a gate near what is known as the 360 Bridge.  Likely you have seen that bridge during the TV broadcast.

In this photo, you can see the course to the left of the arch of the bridge. In the far left, on the horizon, you can just make out downtown Austin.




It looks a lot different right now because there are corporate tents and grandstands surrounding the greens.

I picked up my uniform on Saturday (a very nice blue shirt with a great, white pullover raincoat all made by Nike.) I also got my credentials, a tournament guide, and one of that stylish, clear plastic bags that you have to bring to nearly any sporting event nowadays.


My next post will be about the tournament and my experiences. I’m looking forward to a fantastic week and a lot of fun!

Look for me on TV!

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