Trump Courts Latino Vote In Miami Speech: The Evolution Of Venezuela Towards Democracy Is "irreversible" • Swing Update


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It's all Venezuela, all day in Miami so far, presidents' day, before Trump's statements at Florida International University, in an area where Venezuela's politics has often become a local policy in the south from Florida, the nearly 40,000 registered voters in the state who identified themselves as being born in Venezuela.

Trump should reiterate his calls to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to step down. For 2020, it will attract both tens of thousands of Venezuelan expatriates who could put the Republicans on the border with Florida, as well as the generals of the country. The Maduro government, after popular protests and unrest in the country, seems to have lost momentum, compared to the unshakable power of the army, up to here loyal.

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According to a preview of Trump's speech to the White House, the president will reaffirm the US support of opposition leader and so-called "acting president" Juan Guaido, while asserting "The current path to democracy is irreversible." It is also expected that he will warn the military officers of power who support Maduro of serious consequences should they stay true to the end.

"Venezuelan military officials have a clear choiceto work for democracy for their future and that of their families, otherwise they will lose everything that they have, "according to preliminary statements released by press officer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "The United States knows where military officials and their families have money hidden around the world."

Meanwhile, the Florida International University is at the heart of the Venezuelan and Latin American immigrant community of South Florida, according to Bloomberg. Echoing previous themes of the Trump presidency, he should associate the anti-Maduro message with a condemnation of socialism: "We renew our determination that America is never a socialist country", Trump said recently, perhaps preparing his reelection campaign message.

A number of reelection campaigners are expected to meet during the speech, as Bloomberg explains:

Trump's speech in Miami will close Presidents' Day holiday weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach and his nearby golf club. a state of oscillation where Hispanic voting, including Venezuelan expatriates, is a key block.

Democrats have also been interested in the Hispanic vote in Florida, especially the growth of the Puerto Rican population in that state. Trump has been sharply criticized for her administration's response to Hurricane Maria in 2017, and thousands of residents who fled the island after Maria now resides – and can vote – in Florida.

The US-Venezuelan vote could be a counterweight to the Republicans given the economic and humanitarian crisis caused by the will of Maduro and Trump to react.

During the weekend the US Treasury said it would consider "lifting the sanctions" against those who take action and take steps to "restore the democratic order" in the country, targeting his message to the public oil giant Petroleos de Venezuela SA. However, he also imposed new sanctions on five Maduro associates, including Venezuelan Petroleum Minister and PDVSA President Manuel Quevedo.

The Treasury also echoed Trump's label on Caracas' leadership, calling Maduro "the former illegitimate president". Senator Marco Rubio and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, Republicans of Florida, traveled to the Colombian-Venezuelan border over the weekend, when the first shipments of US military aid arrived .

On his return to Florida from Cucuta, Colombia, as part of the preparation for Trump's speech, Senator Rubio said: "The only invasion that has been talked about around me is an invasion of food and medicine."