Trump sentenced to pay legal fees after losing the legal battle against his Scottish golf course •


President Donald Trump will have to pay the Scottish government's legal fees as a result of a lengthy court dispute over a wind energy development project near his golf course that has sold out. by a victory for Scotland in 2015.

The Scottish judges decided last week that the Trump International Scotland Golf Club Ltd. was to bear the court costs of the lawsuit, which began when Trump sued the government while he ran for president.

The president sought to prevent the construction of 11 wind turbines on land next to his golf course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, arguing that the project would be aesthetically unattractive.

The case was finally referred to the United Kingdom Supreme Court in 2015, which dismissed the Trump affair, allowing the Scottish government to move the project forward.

Trump seemed to be referring to the case Saturday – by violating the Constitution's clause on emoluments, forbidding a president to use the office's position and power for personal financial purposes – when he quote tweeted a photo shared by the Trump organization of his golf course in Aberdeen.

"Very proud of perhaps the biggest golf course in the world," he said. "In addition, promotes the British relationship!"

Very proud of perhaps the largest golf course in the world. In addition, promotes the British relationship!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 2, 2019

David Frum from the Atlantic emphasized the Twitter On Sunday morning, Trump appeared to "threaten the British government to undermine US-British relations if he were forced to pay the Scottish government's legal fees for the litigation Trump had initiated and lost."

Ethics experts and watchdogs also criticized Trump's tweet. The former director of the US Office of Government Ethics said Saturday: "This is the most explicit merger of Trump to date.

This is the most explicit confusion between personal interests and Trump's public service to this day.

This is the tone of the top that pushes its appointed members to violate the rules of ethics.

This is a cheeky, corrupt and repugnant presidential profiteer.

This is an invitation to the transplant.

– Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) March 2, 2019

The organization Citizen for Ethics, which is currently suing Trump for illegally receiving payments from foreign governments, said on Twitter that the "president uses an official statement as advertising for his company …"

Here it is. The president uses an official statement as advertising for his business and ensures that everyone knows that he is linking his business to US relations with foreign countries.

– Citizens for Ethics (@CREWcrew) March 2, 2019