Trump villagers get ready for Saturday's Build the Wall car rally


Members of the popular Villagers For Trump club are getting ready for Saturday's "Build the Wall" golf car show.

Dianne Olsen and Mike Plocharczwk, from Bridgeport Village in Miona Shores, participate in a Villagers for Trump golf cart parade last October.

The event, intended to show support for President Trump's efforts to build a wall along the US-Mexico border to fight illegal immigration, will take place Saturday from the Barnes & Noble parking at Lake Sumter Landing. Those wishing to participate – snowbirds and non-club members are welcome – must arrive at 15:30. Align yourself for the event that will begin 30 minutes later.

Known as the "Trump Train", golf carts will follow a route through Sumter Landing Lake up to Spanish Springs Town Square. All participants in the event are asked to wear red shirts or club shirts and to decorate their golf carts with plenty of signs and flags. Signs will also be available for purchase. For more information, visit

Heidi Hartman, an Air Force veteran, lives in Villa San Miguel and wears a custom baseball jersey while watching the Villagers for Trump golf basket parade at Spanish Springs Town Square in October.

Villagers for Trump members have already successfully organized several golf carts. In October, a contingent of 383 golf carts and about 800 people showed their support for Republican candidates in the November elections. In August, they hosted a lively "Red Wave" gathering with golf carts playing sounds, crossing Sumter Landing Lake and Spanish Springs Place. And in March, 60 carts passed through Florida's most sympathetic hometown with signs displaying American signs and flags to show their support for the president.

Villagers for Trump members are getting ready to take a walk around Spanish Springs Town Square during a parade of golf carts in August.