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Two tournaments ask Ohio to take place with spectators

According to the Ohio-based daily, the directors of the two competitions wrote a letter last Friday to Mike DeWine, asking him to end if not loosen the ban on large gatherings so that fans can attend tournaments. Since March 12, only events gathering 10 people or less are allowed in this state, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Memorial, originally scheduled for the first week of June, is scheduled to take place July 16-19 in the village of Muirfield, near Columbus. The PGA has scheduled four closed-door tournaments to resume its season, starting June 11-14 in Forth Worth, Texas. This one, not being currently affected by this restriction, can potentially take place in the presence of spectators, if the local authorities allow it.

We are working on it“, assured the tournament director Dan Sullivan at the Columbus Dispatch, claiming it would be played anyway, with or without spectators.

“If there are no spectators, we will have to give the money back to the sponsors

Concerning the Classic Marathon which is to take place from July 23 to 26 in Sylvania, the concern is greater. “If the question is: ‘Could you play the tournament without spectators?’ The answer is ‘we can’t’“, justified its director Judd Silverman. “If there are no spectators, we will have to return the money to the sponsors. Once this is done, our tournament will be in the red, to the point that we cannot afford it“.

Even authorized, the presence of fans should in all cases be limited by the protective measures that would be put in place, including in the first place social distancing, as well as the temperature taken at the entrance, the wearing of masks and gloves.

According to the daily, the Memorial will know by June 1 whether spectators will be able to attend, while the Marathon Classic needs an answer before June 20.