TXG Live 02.22.2018 | Answering your Golf Equipment Questions!

– We are live answering all your club fitting and golf equipment questions! Tune in to ask us something on our live stream.

16 thoughts on “TXG Live 02.22.2018 | Answering your Golf Equipment Questions!

  1. Drake Squarebriggs

    Hi guys, thanks for answering my questions about my driver. There was a key piece of info though that I feel was missed to get some accurate advice. So I'm using the stock 2017 m2 driver shaft 56 gram Stiff. My swing speed is 113 mph. I struggle with a lot of spin on my misses and get a very high cut if i leave the face open and mis strike it. Would moving to an X flex help lower this spin on my mis hits?  ( i'm talking like 4500+ spin on not that bad of strike point but my strike is inconsistent for sure)

      Thanks, keep up the good work. Will def. be in for a fitting when I can make it work.

  2. Jose Cuervo-drinker

    I'm sad I missed this live. I saw the comments you made on process for fitting wedges but I'm curious how often do you fit sets where the wedge shafts match the iron set? Thanks.

  3. Vito Rizzo

    I would like to get my 915 D3 fitted with you guys I have the Aldila Rogue Silver 110 msi in a "S" flex. It was off the shelf so I would like to see what a different shaft will do. It is a 9.5 degree head and I swing around 100 mph with a fair quick tempo (working on slowing it down). I also have a few different weight options would they be something worth experimenting with as well?

  4. Martin Ritchie

    Thanks for answering my question on graphite shafts in driving irons. Can you recommend some graphite shafts to put in my p790 3 iron. My irons have modus 120 s flex and driver is tour ad di 6s and I have the tour ad di 7s in my 3 wood. Driver swing speed is 105mph, with a moderate tempo and release.

  5. WhiskerRub

    Happy to be a subscriber to TXG content always informative. Wasn't able to watch the live feed due to another commitment (seeing the GCQuad in action so forgive me). The question I wanted to ask was during Driving Fitting – TXG Live at the 34:10 to 35:10 a question came in about differences between Club Efficiency (GCQuad) vs Smash Factor (Trackman) maybe the sound quality was poor or I'm just getting hard of hearing but it was interesting and I didn't quite connect with what was being said in the difference and hoping you could revisit this question and explanation of the 1.45 and 1.50 calculation, appreciated.

  6. Paul Melidosian

    Lots to comment on. I'm on board with Titleist drivers being under rated. I'm rocking a 915D3 and it far more consistent compaired to my M1.

  7. Sven Hallauer

    My fault with the driver is swinging over the top, I don't struggle with this on other clubs (5 wood to PW). Would adding weight to the driver head potentially help? If yes, what method do you recommend (e.g. filling the head with foam, adding lead tape)?

  8. Heating World

    Did you guys ever compare when stock shafts "pretend" to be the same as aftermarket…..Hzrdus and Even Flow for example… first released the Handcrafted version and then later the OEMS like Titleist or TM have a non hand crafted version at no upcharge. They claim similar bend profiles but Handcrafted more because of being hand rolled and stricter tolearnces. Same thing happened with Titleist and the Diamana…….they make stock shaft look almost the same as Diamana Blue Board White Board aftermarket etc. I would guess the aftermarket would play a little stiffer wheras the stock are probably softer and higher launch to appeal to the masses? Just wondering how much performance difference there was in these cases….

  9. Rick Farber

    Great content.
    Could you show how a driver length is determined? If my driver shaft disconnected from the head is 44”, is my driver 44” in length?

  10. Julio Rodriguez

    What about doing a vid on driver shaft length? What can you expect when it cut down?

    More control, less distance??

    Thx Guys.

  11. Dag Lönnroth

    If you fine tuning a driver shaft to the club head the seem is in the best way. Then you shange the loft or lye on the club will it perform. Is it just "sell trick" for the industri. To glue a shaft is the best. As long we talk graphite shafts whats your opinion. The best.


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