US Open Tennis 2017 In Review: Venus Williams

      7 Comments on US Open Tennis 2017 In Review: Venus Williams

Two-time US Open champion Venus Williams was on the hunt for a third title in NYC, but came up short to eventual champion Sloan Stephens. The US tennis legend reminded us why she is far from done with her illustrious career! Will Venus return to the Grand Slam winners circle in 2018? Comment ⬇️…

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7 thoughts on “US Open Tennis 2017 In Review: Venus Williams

  1. Lance Burley

    What a Queen ! Love Venus and her style of play…….it KILLS ME that she lost to Sloane Steven when she was 2 points away from victory at 5-4 (30-30) too many unforced errors….but here is to 2018 !!!!!!

  2. Cesar Salcedo

    I think sometimes the important points, those when she comes to the net, venus plays strange volleys that end in the net or short balls that later cost her the match. She was so close, again. 2018 lets go!

  3. Myles Powell

    I love Venus more than anyone but it is going to depend on her fitness and her MATCH PREPARATION. I could be wrong, but I don't think Venus and her camp spends enough time creating strategies for her to execute against different opponents. Numerous times during interviews she has stated that she approaches matches the same way she always has, and if she wants to continue to evolve and stay in the game, she's going to have to employ more nuanced strategies. Her focus should be Australia and Paris so she can complete a career grand slam. Not sure who's in charge of this channel, but if you can, or if you know anyone who can, please….pass this message on to Venus (or someone in her camp)!!!!!! It could be the difference between being in the final and winning another slam. Love you, Venus <3

  4. Myles Powell

    Go watch her 4th round highlights at the 2016 US Open last year against Pliskova. She lost that match, but she needs to be moving and hitting at that level every single match if she wants to continue to compete with the younger players and stay at the top.


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