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Victor Perez: Europe or the United States?

the essential
If amateur golf comes out of its hole slowly, since May 11, it is not the same for the pros. The Tarbais Victor Perez, meanwhile, takes this in peace. He has confided in his adopted Scotland where he has been confined since March 23.

For a golfer, when you live within a few drive lengths of prestigious clubs like Saint-Andrews or Carnoustie (Scotland), and their clubs remain confined to the bag, it is as hard as everyone living by the sea and unable to walk on the sand… Each bunker!

But Victor Perez knows how to be patient, and above all, he puts things into perspective. As he always said, “there are people who die every day, whereas for me, one speaks only only of playing golf”. Patient, it must still be, especially since the United Kingdom announced an even more cautious deconfinement than on the old continent: “We hoped for some good news during the intervention of Boris Johnson, but it was not necessary expect too much. “

So Victor tries to keep in shape: “I do a lot of sports but I don’t train, I don’t play golf unfortunately”.

He runs, does a little cycling, in his daily outing hour, and has set up a mini-gym at his home, to keep or try to find the fishing he had in March, while he was playing one of the first major meeting of the year, the Players Championship, considered the 5th major tournament of the season. And in the first round, he even signed a very promising – 3, before learning the next morning that the tournament was canceled, because of what you know … Inevitably, it left him with a bitter taste: “Of course, I’m a little bit frustrated but I keep above all the positive of having a good day on a big tournament. The main thing is to keep improving. “

“I’m waiting for certainties”

Now, like all top athletes, he awaits news from the highest authorities. To date, a recovery is expected in mid-June in the United States, and not before September, in Europe (see opposite). So, will Victor play the American card? Currently 7th European but especially 40th in the world, he will have this possibility. “I’m waiting to see a little more clearly before making decisions. It’s true, some tournaments have been confirmed in the United States but we have very little information, so I remain patient and I ‘expect certainties that will probably come at the last moments “.

What scenario?

Without forgetting the border closings and the quarantines envisaged … “Some tournaments already have a new date but as long as the countries do not completely reopen their borders and that one does not see the end of this epidemic, I think that you have to take everything into account and not stick to this or that scenario, because nothing is sure … “

This season could be that of his consecration. She can still because she has not yet been sentenced, and many major tournaments are maintained, even the famous Master of Augusta, rescheduled in mid-November. The golfing world will return if the world wins its fight against the Covid-19. And it is this victory that will be major!