WATCH: The Soweto Country Club’s face-lift underway

Tsepo Mhlongo doing an oversight visit at the Soweto Country Club.

Tsepo Mhlongo, a political head of Soweto and a member of parliament conducted an oversight visit at the Soweto Country Club in Pimville on June 28 and he says that he was welcomed by the management of the club and that he had a successful oversight visit.

Mhlongo said that the golf course is one of Soweto’s greatest facilities as it provides members with unrivalled facilities and activities that create memorable, rewarding experiences for the whole of Soweto.


The country club was established in 1974 and is comprised of 48 hectares of land and it has 18 holes in total and has 72 par. The country club is currently closed as it is being renovated, new fairways, bunkers, tee boxes, greens and an irrigation system are all in progress.

The upgrade will take 10 months which is due to be completed in February next year.

“I call upon the community to be more active in sports and participate in making sports come alive in Soweto. My biggest wish is to see the facility being opened by the likes of Tiger Woods and Ernie Els in March next year,” said Mhlongo.

“We are proud to say that the country club is the only country club that is managed by blacks in the whole of Africa from back in 1974 till to date,” said Justice Matshaya the project officer for the club.

According to Refiloe Mashatola, the secretary of the Soweto Country Club, the club is a legacy and will create more job opportunities for the community and currently, has about 50 people who are already working. After the revamp, more people are going to find employment.

Tsepo Mhlongo doing an oversight visit at the Soweto Country Club.

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