What is the next development proposal for the Three Little Bakers Golf Course?


A developer who wishes to build more than 200 residences on the former Three Little Bakers Country Club will submit the project to the New Castle County Council for a vote, despite a recent setback.

The project had been hit hard earlier this week when the New Castle County Planning Board and the Land Use Department recommended the county council to reject the project.

The ministry's recommendation notes public opposition to the project and other technical issues stating that the public would not be interested in letting the project go ahead as planned. The full notice is posted below.

This recommendation means that the project will require a qualified majority of the nine-member County Council, making an already difficult vote even more difficult for the owner.

In a written statement, Dean Peltz, vice president of real estate owner, said that the plan had been in preparation for two years and that it had the support of a working group of the community that had discussed the project with promoter representatives. He said the company would go ahead to the county council for a vote.

The project is expected to be voted on by the County Council later in the spring.

Onix Group wants to build 224 residences on the former country club grounds. The developer needs the county council to change the restrictions of the act on the property for this purpose.

The property owner has been in dispute with the county government for nearly a decade on the number of residences that can be built on the land, which is limited by existing restrictions on deeds.

Shawn Tucker, a lawyer in charge of Onix 's land use plan, said his client had an argument in favor of continuing this litigation if current development efforts failed.

Tucker said that Onix could argue in court that the same restrictions imposed by county authorities state that the limited development of the property could be used to justify hundreds more than what is currently proposed.


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