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Who is better than you? Why do we compare ourselves to others? Well the simple answer is we want to boost our egos and makes ourselves feel better. So how do we, as golfers, separate ourselves from other types of golfers?

Well one of the biggest differences we can do to separate ourselves from them is learning the true meaning of sportsmanship and etiquette. Before on my blog post, I have talked about golf etiquette and sportsmanship, but here I am talking about more than just a simple ‘good game.’ I am talking about the true understanding of respecting and being the better person. Separating ourselves from them is lifting your head up even though you know you lost that game or didn’t get the perfect score on that test.

As a golfer and even a student/ peer to others, we tend to separate ourselves in a bad way. This way is trying to compare ourselves from that person/ persons. However, separating ourselves in the better way is looking at that golfer/ peer equally as great as you. Now, I am not saying that everyone has the same talent or you play just as great as Jordan Spieth or Tiger Woods. I am saying that we should not see others lower or less than us. We should them just as good or equally as good as we are.

Sometimes, we have to stop comparing ourselves from them and learn to just accept the true facts or logic. Sometimes we don’t like to say that that certain person is better than you but a better golfer will understand that it is okay to have a person that is a better golfer than you are.

Remember, separating yourself from others can truly make you a better golfer and separate yourself from the other types of golfers.

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