This should not be a big problem at all. As noted by the post, Trump has paid from his pocket the simulator and the installation. And, as the Post also pointed out, former President Barack Obama had installed an "older and less sophisticated" golf simulator at the White House during his stay there.

The presidents a lot in their minds. And they can not just play a quick 18 holes on a whim. If swinging a club in a gold simulator helps them think, give them more power!


Private citizen – and even presidential candidate – Donald Trump repeatedly criticized former President Barack Obama for playing golf so much and promised he would not have time to play in the sport if he was elected.

"President Obama is not talking about Syria in Congress, he's playing golf … will understand," Trump tweeted in 2013.

And this from 2014: "Obama admitted that he spent his mornings watching @ESPN, then he plays golf, organizes fundraisers and grants amnesty to the illegal immigrants."

And even from 2016: "President Obama should have gone to Louisiana several days ago instead of playing golf too little, too late."

It's not just that Trump did not approve of Obama's golf. It was that he was committed, as a candidate, not to repeat Obama's mistakes!

"If I win, I may never see my property, and I may never see those places again," he said in August 2016. "But as I'm going to work for you, I do not want to see it. will not have time to leave. " golf, believe me. Believe me. Believe me, people. "

Now, I guess you could argue that playing golf on a simulator at the White House is not the same as playing golf outdoors. And that a golf simulator is a more efficient way to play that takes less time because, well, you do not need to go on a real course or walk with every shot you hit.

But doing that excuses Trump's wider hypocrisy here.

Trump played golf on February 3 with Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. That was his 168th since assuming the position of president at a Trump golf property, although the White House very rarely confirms that Trump plays golf when visiting his golf courses. (Of course, he spends five hours – the time it takes to play golf – and is always dressed to play golf.)

According to Washington Post's Philip Bump calculations, Trump played golf every 5.4 days of his stay at the White House – and that average number of days was well below the time Trump actually stopped playing golf since Thanksgiving in February – – largely because of the 35-day government closure, the longest in political history. (The pace of Obama during his two terms was a round of golf every 8.8 days, he played 333 rounds of golf in total during his eight years as President.)

Once again, none of this should count. Not golf. Not the golf simulator. But Trump has to take it only to himself. If you want to make golf a standard by which the rate of presidential work is judged, you have to respect it.

Or, because it's Trump, maybe not. After all, as The President tweeted earlier this week: "No president has ever worked harder than me (clean up the mess I've inherited)!"

So, that should clear up that!